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Darok: The Problem With Humans.

A Martians Eye View.


Humanity I do not think you will ever wake up. Watching you is like someone who keeps repeating the same mistake and yet expects things to be different. You and you alone are repsonsible for the mess your world in. I had hoped that after the COVID pandemic you might try something different. But no you went back to the same old, mastrerialistic, consumerist, destructive way of life. It is a system where everyone should be better off but they are not. This system only rewards those. who have amassed wealth and leave those at the bottom who do not. You humans decide your status by what car you drive, by what house you live in, your neighbourhood, your income, etc. You are gifted creatures in many ways yet you are stupid. Never have I seen your planet reach such a critical juncture in its development.

Why does what you do for a living define you? Why do you let what you call money define who you are, what you are, what you own, etc? I watch your ads and its all about look at me, look at what I've got, me, me, me, selfishness is all I see.

Your constant worship of what you call celebs shows how primitive you. Your addiction to your electronic devices is sickening to watch. What slaves you are to the constant demands these devices make through their constant need to demand your attention. Technology can be a good thing, we Martians would not be where we are today without it. However, for us it came at a cost that nearly cost us our civilization.

Not just technology but wars, famines, environmental destruction, destruction of other species and their habitats, etc. I have told you so many times how we turned a corner when we were on the brink of destruction. Yes, we still had technology but we learned to live more spiritually, sustainably, environmentally. Believe me people of Earth living this way does reverse things for the better. The surface of our planet is indeed a cold, freezing, desert world. Some forms of life do manage to live on the surface but life on my world today lives underground. We made it so not just for us but for all the creatures, plants, etc, that once shared the surface world with us.

Some of us sleep in stasis chambers where we sleep in suspended animation. We wait in the hope that Mars may return to the beautiful world it once was. With flowers, plants, flowing bodies of water, vast oceans and other landscapes. Where multitudes of animals once roamed but we ruined all that just like you are doing now. We have the technology to transform our world back to those days but we choose not to. We have creatred a paradise deep within our world and many of our citizens are happy with that. We are aware of the attention our world receives from your probes and orbiting spacecraft. We know you have always felt a kinship with our world as is reflected in your books, films, documentaries, etc. You die to know was there ever life on what you call the 'red planet'?

You humans have come a long way in your civilization and technology. When it comes to space you are but babies and though you accept the concept of other life I doubt you would really be ready to meet and enage with beings such as us. That is not arrogant it is just a fact this is why we monitor you and keep tabs on your development. If ever the day dawns when you have developed enough to meet us it will be a long, long, long, time coming. And that's even if you survive as a species and to do that you must make radical changes. Radical changes that would impact how you humans treat each other, the earth and the other species that exist. Some humans amongst you know that a better way is possible. However, they are largely voices in the wilderness and you would do well to listen to them.

I have said we do not interefere in your civilizations development. Well, I have not been wholey truthful with you. We will occasionally try to push you in the right direction but should we be doing this? This creates many debates amongst my people. After all we Martians had no one to help us when we changed direction. We had to realize ourselves we were making huge mistakes of catastrophic proportions. Whether you will come to this decision on your own I cannot say.

Mean while I live my life on earth no one even suspecting who or what I am.

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