When the World Gets Darker

Updated on May 29, 2017

When the world gets darker.-apG

Faith is the substance of the things hoped for,

The evidence of things not seen.

Clinging to Christ whom we have believed in,

Becoming who we are in Him,

Laying to ruins the memory of sin.

Attendance on Sundays,

Choir practice the day before,

Bible study in a cozy room,

Growing in Christ more and more.

All these are good!

A splendid encouragement!

But may it never conceal the greater depths,

The very purpose of our daily nourishment.

As to what, when, where, why and how,

No solid answer can be endowed.

Only faith, only grace,

Only trust to battle doubts.

Remember then the possibilities,

The martyred saints and present casualties,

A different path it can be for each of us,

But one purpose binds our destiny.

Lay hold therefore our armor,

Speak the truth much bolder,

Anticipate failure but never let it derail you,

Speak up! Silence the godless clamor.

The coming glory provokes the darkness,

A futile effort of the defeated enemy,

Yet fight the complacency of being careless,

For warm walls emit a coward’s ecstasy.

Streets are being painted with blood,

Screams of the lost riding with the wind,

Open then the gates! Let the light come in!

Drown in mercy’s scarlet flood!

“The world is getting darker,”

Severe tests of faith it daily brings,

Rise up and heed not to be devoured,

He who finishes awaits a glorious song to sing.

Yes, the darkness is getting darker,

Dangers growing closer,

Once it was in a far-off land,

Now it knocks on your doors with its malevolent hand.

You cannot run from it,

It is your destiny,

So whatever form it now holds,

Face it faithfully.

The darkness is getting darker,

Lights growing brighter,

Stand your ground! Never yield to disaster,

For it is an auspicious sign of our coming Master.


Soli Deo Gloria

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      • sujinmikee profile imageAUTHOR

        Sujin Mikee 

        19 months ago from Philippines

        Thank you very much, MsDora! =0) it's a privilege to know that it has done good to you =0)

      • MsDora profile image

        Dora Weithers 

        19 months ago from The Caribbean

        Sujin, this is a powerful reminder to live up to our Christian calling, to let our our light shine in readiness for Him. Good food to digest at the beginning of another work week. Thank you.

      • Michael-Milec profile image


        20 months ago

        We , the readers have been warned and advised to know the days we are living in as well to stay close to Christ Jesus doing His will wherever we are... Glory to His name


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