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Dark and Beautiful

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Her moods keep changing—sometimes she is silent, sometimes chatty, sometimes pensive, and sometimes inquisitive. But, notwithstanding her mood, she comes back without fail to be with me.

I woke up early that night. Placing the pillow against the headboard, I reclined on the bed to gaze out of the window.

And, as I peered out of the window, the sight that greeted me made me feel as though I was staring at my soul—darkness and silence hung in the air, and time stood still.

To dispel the feelings of absence of self, hollowness and despondence, I decided to switch on the light.

But, as I was about to reach for the switch, I felt someone touching me. Gently holding back my hand, a whispering soft voice asked, "Why do you want to switch on the light? Don't you want to be with me?"

I stopped dead in my tracks. It took me a couple of moments to get ahold of myself and ask, "Who are you?"

She replied, "I am the one who waits every day for the sun to set to be with you. I am the one you never tire of staring into with eyes wide open, for the moon shines on my face and stars dot my robes. My breath caresses your weary body as the gentle night breeze and revives your spirit. I bring for you those quiet and still moments that you want to spend with your beloved. My dark shadow gives you the confidence to shed your inhibitions and give in to your passions. I keep to myself all that you do in my inky embrace and never let a word get out."

She paused for a moment to let her words sink in and spoke again, "I am here for you. You can't do without me and I can't keep myself away from giving you those moments that would make you feel happy."

But then her tone changed. With pain in her voice, she asked, "Although I am all for you and always want to be around you, why do you still wish for the light to come and drive me away, for the bright sunny day to erase my existence?"

I had no answers to her questions. I decided to lie down in her company and think of an answer. But she lulled me to sleep and when I woke up, she was gone. She had left me to let me be with the bright, smiling day.

I am still searching for an answer, unable to decide who is worth more in my life—the bright, busy, sunny day or the tranquil, dark and beautiful night who comes back to be with me without fail.

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