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Dan and Haley- Attention or Obsession?

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There are different sides to every story and the truth is somewhere in the middle.


Dan’s POV

Haley and I used to date.

When I first met her, she was getting coffee at the café opposite the bank I worked at. She bumped into me with her coffee and spilled it over my white shirt. After apologizing profusely, I said I would let her off the hook if she let me treat her to dinner. She blinked rapidly, tilted her head and smiled. I remember that smile because it is engrained in my memory. She gave me her number, told me to text her, apologized again and left in a rush.

Later that evening, I texted her and we had a dinner date the following night. During the dinner, I found out that Haley worked in the same building as me- the law firm floor. It was fascinating to me that we had never bumped into each other before. I was suddenly very glad that I had gone to get coffee an hour earlier than I usually went.

After the dinner, we had many more dates. One at the very café we met. Another at the cinema. My favourite being the picnic date. I fell for Haley faster than I could say ‘fell’. Everything about her was breath-taking to me- the way the sun reflected on her face and highlighted her angelic features; the way her grey eyes had little flecks of brown in them that sparkled when she smiled and when the light reflected off them in a certain angle.

I knew she was too good for me. She was way out of my league which made it even more shocking when she agreed to be my girlfriend. I had gotten the girl- THE girl- and I planned on keeping her too. I was in love. I thought the feeling was mutual. I missed her often and so, I called her a lot. Since, we worked in the same building, I used to pop up on her floor- sometimes with flowers, other times with lunch- just to let her know I was thinking about her.

Three months into our relationship, I noticed the changes in Haley. She smiled less and less. She seemed to have less time for me and even less patience. Everything seemed to either annoy or irritate her where I was concerned. It was baffling to me. I tried to fix what I thought was the issue but…

Haley’s POV

He is freaking me out.

I met Dan at a coffee shop. The first impression I got was that he was nice. As I got to know him, I realized that he was cute and a little goofy- definitely not my usual kind of guy but there was something about him. I could never really please my finger on it. We started dating pretty fast and at first, I did not mind it. It felt really good to not be lonely anymore but then all the little weird things I used to like about him began to irritate me.

The way he randomly popped into places without informing me first was annoying. The long stretches of silence while he just stared at me were uncomfortable. The constant calling to ask where I was and who I was with. It was choking. I felt like I couldn’t breathe in the relationship anymore. The attention was just too much. It made me feel like I was a bad person for not wanting to tell him every little detail of my day. Going into the relationship I knew I liked him but I wasn't sure if I could love him and now…I don't think I even like him anymore.

He keeps calling me all the time to say that he loves me and that he will do anything to keep me. When I decline the calls, he leaves messages saying that he'll never let me go. I'm too scared to break up with him now because I think he'll hurt me if I break his heart. What am I going to do? How do I tell him that I don't like him anymore? How do I tell him that I can’t love him?

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