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Daily Short Story Four: Two Essays From Mrs. Gegenteil's Sophomore English Class

Fourth short story written using prompts from writing exercises dot co dot uk.. I used the random words generator again.


Creative Writing Exercise About Recent Event In My Life by Nicholas Oppfer

I try not to antagonize anyone. I really do! However, it seems that some people look for any excuse to enflame their anger, and then take out this anger in unwarranted aggression against people like me. People who, just because they wear glasses, or who don't have the right skin color or who aren't the right gender, get picked on and harassed constantly. It is said that is wrong to condemn without a trial, and while I agree with that sentiment in general, sometimes there is no need for this trial and the guilt of the perpetrator is so obvious. (And not only obvious, the burly bully is proud of his boorish behavior!).

As I was walking home after a completely normal and just as completely boring school day, I crossed paths with...oh, let's call him Luke Locker. Now Luke is what used to be called a lug. An ox. An oaf. A boy who is more than ninety-nine per cent muscle, and whatever brain he has is used for basic survival and insulting and fighting people he perceives to be inferior to him. So I pass him without saying anything, because to initiate conversation with Luke is asking for trouble. I soon found out NOT talking to him is trouble as well.

"You too good to talk to me, punk?," he asked in that loud, aggressive, insinuating voice of his.

I just stood there and looked at him in his football jersey, unsure of what to say, so I said nothing.

He stomped up to me and 'got in my face', as they say. "What's your problem, loser? Don't know how to say hi to anybody?"

"Hi," I said. "I didn't see you there before," I added lamely.

"You saw me. You just think you're too good." He put a fist in front of my face. "Do you think you're too good for this?"

"I don't think I'm 'too good' for anything, sir. I just need to get home because my mom gets really angry when I miss piano practice."

This produced hysterical laughter from Luke. He slapped me on the shoulder in a way that might be perceived to be friendly from a passerby, but was clearly meant to hurt. And, believe me, it hurt. "You're hilarious, geek. I didn't know you were a comedian." Then he told me to get out of his face before he changed his mind about me being such a funny comedian. After all this, I went home and I really did practice on my piano, because it's something I enjoy almost as much as I imagine Luke enjoys pulling the wings and legs off of random insects.

Creative Writing About Recent Event In My Life by Harold Henker

Some people are so stupid. They walk along the street and pretend you're not even there. What's wrong with these people? Do they care so much about piano practice or however they waste their dumb life that they can't see me? So anyway this pencilneck comes trudging up the street after school and I KNOW he sees me but for some strange reason he don't say nothing to me. So I decide to try to teach him some manners and make him into something resembling a decent human being.

"Pardon me...Nick, right?...could you please inform me as to why you didn't say hello to me?"

This Nick dude says he didn't see me! How can you NOT see me? I'm two hundred fifty pounds of solid steel linebacker for the Sam Houston High Cougars! So I tried to resolve why he would want to tell me such an obvious fabrication. "There is no way you didn't see me, Nick. Is it too difficult to take two seconds out of your busy day to say hello? Do you think you're too good for that?"

"I miss my mommy!," cried Nick, and he ran away, wailing all the way home. Well, I didn't actually see him go all the way home, but he was wailing until he was out of sight. It's sad to see a high school student be such a crybaby.

When I went home, I did some of my science experiments. It's not anything anyone at school assigned to me, I just enjoy doing these experiments with insects and birds and field mice and other small animals that hang around my house.

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