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Daddy's assurance

She came along after nine years of our marriage, Derby had five miscarriages before our seventh anniversary then it became hard for her to conceive and we were left with one option and it was IVF. We were desperate to have a child so when Dr Phil suggested IVF, we agreed since the success rate was high but a month afterwards, Derby noticed changes in her system and her circle has been irregular so we saw Dr Phil and he ran test on her.

The least we expected was what Dr Phil told us; Derby was pregnant and the test showed that she was actually two months pregnant. We were excited about it and two months later, we found out the sex and we both agreed to name her Charity. The day she was born was our happiest day and her birth changed my life and fashioned me in a way words can't describe because I started doing things I never knew that I could do. But above all, we both love our daughter.

There is something amazing about being a father but to be a daddy is a different ball game. Every man can be a father but it takes a special step to be a daddy.

What makes a daddy?


What makes a daddy is not just the provision of food or shelter for the child, it's not also the amount of money spent on the wellbeing of a child rather the attention given to a child. It is believed that the day to day care of a child is for the mother and fathers are known to be a little bit distanced from changing of dipper, waking up at night to feed the baby and even bathing the baby.

Most fathers don't even know how to put on dipper on a baby talk more of how to bath a baby but a daddy goes all the way out to get all these done, a daddy wakes up to tend a baby. A daddy leaves a positive impact on his kids and the relationship between a daddy and his daughters goes on to mold the daughter into a woman of class. Dads are pretty awesome so if you are a girl and you are a daddy's girl then count yourself extremely lucky.

A proud mummy always say this about her hubby; I am proud to be his wife, he is kind and generous and above all, he does dippers. So what is the benefit of being a daddy?


Charity told me that she wants to be a teacher when she grow but also a Lawyer, a dancer. She once wanted to be a pilot too. I loved listening to her dreams and I told her that she can be anything she wants to be and one other thing was certain, one day instead of building towers with me, she will be building a life with you. She will be sharing her dreams with you, you will be the only thing that matters most to her.

You see, she didn't become all the things she dreamed to be but actually became what she truly was born for so when I was confided to the wheel chair for the first time, I saw my world scramble before my eyes but her presence helped me to accept my predicament. She was there 24/7 and her support turned out my assurance of a bright future because all my worry from the day she was born was the kind of home she will build with you.

My future son In-law, she is going to be a supportive partner so love her as much as I do because I am her daddy but you will take over from here.

Everything about her begins with you.


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