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She Will Always Be This Mother's Baby Girl

Daddy! This is ..., I just called to say hello

"My Daddy's not home" I heard her say

My one -Year- old made her first call home this Day

And those are the words she had to say

It broke my heart that we weren't there to take her call

To hear her say the words she had practiced in School that Day

As I listened to her voice recorded

My heart clenched as if within a fist

I wore a scowl and her Father had a grin

Because our Daughters words to his delight

Was captured on tape to my chagrin

And I heard her clearly say

Daddy this is ..., I just called to say hello

Our little Baby girl you see had called to talk to him

As I sputtered in righteous indignation

And gave voice to my opinions

"Mother's, carries the scars, for month's"

I glared, "we give them life"

"And from me, she gets the best of everything"

She is me and I am her

I wipe her nose and all the rest

I held her close and rocked her at my chest

Yet the child loves her Daddy best

Again I listen to my Daughters tiny voice

I heard my baby girl loud and clear

How fragile the sound

In it, I heard the shattering of expectation, of hope

Her need, her despair, and her disappointment

Cause her Daddy wasn't there

As we listened again just once more

Her Father made a vow to his little Girl that Day

To be her hero again

Come what may

Disclaimer: Scars is a metaphor for the discomfort's associated with labor. Not necessarily visible.

"Come what may" as defined- No matter what.

Chagrin- Sorrow

She is me and I am her as defined- She is my daughter we share that common bond.

Copyright clause: As it pertains to all written work Copyright Laws and plagiarism Laws applies cannot be copied or used in part or totality without giving credence to the Author as it stands under intellectual property laws.

© 2017 Juliet Stewart-Austin

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