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Curse of a Skuna River Bottom Indian Arrowhead

I grew up in Skuna River Bottom, and always loved the stories and folklore about it, so I include it in many of the stories I write.

Boyd Seeks His Treasures

It was fall and most of the crops had been gathered in Skuna River Bottom, so there were numerous Indian mounds exposed for the exploring, and Boyd Collums was itching to add more Indian relics to his collection. He had been bitten by the elusive search as a small child, and it didn't stop when he grew up.

Boyd was a bachelor and was proud of it. He liked to have things his way, and not be tied down to a wife. He had lived in Skuna River Bottom since birth, and Indian mounds, which are located in front of his house had been his playground as a kid; now they had become his search magnet for Indian artifacts, of which he had a huge collection.

Never satisfied with what he had in his collection, Boyd ventured out to the Indian mounds as often as he could. He liked to stand on the mounds, which had been worn down by agricultural plows. When he stood on top of the mounds with an artifact in his hand he had just found, he would rub the treasure and envision the last person who held the item. The artifacts he found in these mounds dated back to the "Woodland Period," which existed between 500 BC (before Christ was born) and 1,100 AD (after his birth).

Arrowhead collection

Arrowhead collection

Spectacular Find

Boyd kept his collection of artifacts safe from thieves as if they were buried treasure, and all went well; that is until one day when he was searching the mounds and was surprisingly happy to find an arrowhead, which was bigger than any he had found before. It was humongous, and he wondered how a normal size Indian could even shoot that in a bow, but his answer was to come a little later. The flint colors in it were spectacular, ranging almost entirely through the color spectrum. This was his greatest find yet, and as he held it in his hand, he closed his eyes, and a wave of emotions washed through him. It wasn't his own, but rather it seemed to come from this arrowhead.

Multi colored arrowhead

Multi colored arrowhead

A Trip Back in Time

He kept his eyes closed, and he saw an unbelievable sight from a long-passed era. There were huge virgin hardwood trees all around him, and he realized he was elevated; he was standing on the same Indian mound where he found his treasure, but it was now at a time when the mound had just been built and it was very tall. He heard the sounds of animals around him and even saw some of them as they passed below the mound. He saw a bear and her cubs, and then shortly thereafter, a half-grown bison, and finally a jet-black panther. This was definitely not the time period he was living in.

Boyd was also slammed by a feeling of someone being there with him and soon saw what appeared to be a giant Indian warrior, who was wearing animal hides. That explained the size of the arrowhead, which was as big as a spearhead. He had sad, piercing eyes that seemed to look into Boyd's soul. Why was he seeing all this; he'd never seen it before. Then came a mental voice from the Indian, who simply said, "Put it back!"

Indian Warrior that Boyd saw

Indian Warrior that Boyd saw

The Indian's Command

With this message from the illusion, as Boyd thought it could only be, he opened his eyes and looked around. Everything had returned to the present. He looked down at the arrowhead he held and thought about what the Indian had said; "Put it back!" He knew if he put it back, the farm plows would destroy it, so he decided to keep it. When he got home he placed it on a table, which was in the room where his collection was. He planned to build a special case just for his unique find.

That night Boyd had a flurry of dreams, all of which involved the period he had witnessed in his illusion on the mound. He saw a very large black panther, a bison and the bear and cub he had seen earlier. He also saw the Indian, crouched and ready to shoot an arrow at the bison.

Black Panther

Black Panther

Supernatural Forces at Work

When Boyd awoke the next morning, he was more tired than when he went to bed, but before he got his first cup of coffee, he declared he must see his arrowhead again, so he headed toward his collection room. Went he arrived, he couldn't believe his eyes, the arrowhead now contained a huge shaft with feathers, in other words, a complete Indian arrow, but of gargantuan size.

How could this be he thought? It was impossible, but again, he was wide awake and there it was. After staring at it for several minutes, he went into the kitchen, made coffee, and returned to the collection. When he entered the room he dropped his coffee. A giant skeletal hand, lay on the table, holding the arrow. Was he going crazy, or was he seeing the supernatural in full throttle? He chose the latter.

Skeletal hand

Skeletal hand

More Supernatural Events

Now Boyd must make a decision; either tell others about his find, and possibly have it taken by the government for testing, or keep it and tell no one. He realized he musn't tell anyone yet; not until he was through seeing what might happen next.

Boyd needed some groceries, so he headed out to the supermarket, located in the hamlet of New Houlka, where he filled his list and anxiously returned home. Upon arriving, he carried his groceries into the house, placed them on the table, and rushed excitedly to the collection room, where he almost fainted, for there by the table stood the complete skeleton of a giant person. He half-ran into his bedroom, got his camera and took multiple pictures of the skeleton and arrow. After standing and staring for some time, he was shocked out of his trance by a loud clap of thunder; a storm was coming.

Indian skeleton

Indian skeleton

I Told You to Put it Back

As the lightning flashed across the sky and the wind slung the rain hard against his windows, he couldn't take his mind off what was happening. He didn't even notice the day becoming night as he sat in his recliner in the living room.

The storm sent Boyd into a deep sleep, again filled with dreams about the mound and the Indian. This time the dream was different; he dreamed the giant Indian, who had skin now, was standing there in front of him, with his arrow in his bow. He was pointing the arrow at him, and suddenly said in a stoic voice, "I told you to put it back!" At that point, to Boyd's horror, the Indian let go of the tension on the bow, and the arrow was en route to him.


Boyd was elated when he was jolted awake by a lightning flash, and a large clap of thunder. As he sat there trying to get his composure, he remembered the collection room and his trophy, so he raced to the room. As he opened the door, he stopped short and stared with unbelief at the spot where the skeleton had stood. It was gone, along with the arrow. "Had someone stolen them while he was asleep?" He checked all his deadbolts and found them to be locked from the inside, just as he had left them.

"What has happened here?" he asked himself. "No one would believe what had happened, but then it hit him...Oh, wait, the pictures he had taken!" He grabbed his digital camera and attempted to open his photos, but there were no photos to be found. "How could that be? He again, asked himself, as he sank back into his recliner. He couldn't rationalize an answer to any of his questions, but smiled and said out loud, "The warrior has his arrowhead back!"

Arrowhead and skulls

Arrowhead and skulls

In Conclusion

If you are prepared to go artifact hunting in Skuna River Bottom, be prepared to find more than you are looking for.

© 2019 Gerry Glenn Jones


Gerry Glenn Jones (author) from Somerville, Tennessee on June 05, 2020:

Thanks, Jason, but mine was only fiction. I have, however; heard many stories about people being frightened away from burial mounds by unknown forces.

Jason Mann on June 03, 2020:

I live and grew up in Skuna River bottom(old river run) close to Houlka and i also have had an experience with Indian "bad voodoo". I returned the artifact i found before the permissions i was shown come to be. I later learned i was on a burial mound. Now i stay off supposed burial mounds and explore only hunting mounds, which are plentifully along side Skuna. I also superstitious as to take some rocks artifact hunting with me to "trade" one when i find one. It seems when i dont have anything to trade i find nothing, but when i do they are plentiful.

Great story Gerry and i believe every word of it.

Gerry Glenn Jones (author) from Somerville, Tennessee on October 30, 2019:

Peggy, it's been many moons since I had a chance to pick up arrowheads. There were al least five Indian mounds within walking distance of my house, and my friends and I spent hours on those mounds.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on October 30, 2019:

What an interesting story. When I was a child living in the countryside of Wisconsin, we would occasionally find arrowheads in the fields. That was many moons ago.

Gerry Glenn Jones (author) from Somerville, Tennessee on October 28, 2019:

Thank you so much, Shawindi!

Shawindi Silva from Sri lanka on October 28, 2019:

Oh this story is soo interesting and that arrow !!!!!!!

You are a great writer !!

Gerry Glenn Jones (author) from Somerville, Tennessee on October 28, 2019:

Thanks, Pamela! Just like Derry is a fictional town and a part of Stephen King's fictional Maine, and is named in many of his stories, Skuna River and Skuna River Bottom were the actual locations of our home when I was growing up. Many strange tales come from there, and many are just my imagination, running rampant.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on October 28, 2019:

There must have been some magic in that arrow. This story in another interesting one in your series of stories.

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