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Crazy Cats Love Your Attention

This is my crazy cat. I call him Goofy.


To love your cat can be so easy.

Don’t mind the fact that he is crazy.

Eyes that seem to stare right through you,

Call the dog, the cat comes to you.

To love a cat means deep devotion,

Attention seeking that’s their notion.

They eat, they sleep and they play,

To spot a mouse would make their day.

Goofy came to me as a stray. He stayed as a friend.


Throw a ball or dangle some twine,

Pick him up he’ll be just fine.

Share your food or share your drink,

A cat will drink right from your sink.

And when you least expect what’s up.

A nose may sniff your coffee cup.

You shake your head and tell him no,

And then he wants your Cheerios.

Goofy is always alert and you never know what he's up to next.


You love your cat, that fury wonder,

Control him not just like the thunder.

Give him toys, give him treats,

Cuddle him, he is so sweet.

Never let your guard down once,

A cat is on patrol to hunt,

Be a harmless butterfly,

Or a blowing curtain tie.

Cats are certainly strange creatures.


© 2017 Diana L Pierce

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