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Courage Defines The Human Spirit


Should anyone to worry about tomorrow, and in despair of our lives today,

There is a finest quality of the human kind, that over the years we display.

It is held inside, is within our hearts, and is giving each hope in every way,

The greatest of strengths, that of the human spirit, and this in us all to stay.


Not mattering challenges, their greatest extents, we'll weather every storm,

We are endowed, shall rise above each cloud, to solve them in best of form.

The creator of all, never meant ours to fall, we'll face the worst with success,

A mighty power, as together we stand, for we know that to give our very best.


Every country about this whole world, its people to have a wondrous gift,

No matter perils or hardships to be faced, the spirit of their souls,all to lift.

Please take the hand of your neighbor, to help them in any way you can,

We are the same, every name, All God's children, each woman and man.


We must come together as one people, walk this world all arm in arm,

Forever to march across this land, protecting one another from harm.

Evil shall never triumph, with love in our hearts, bad tidings to go away,

Just a look inside, may turn the tide, bring happiness, for each new day.