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Country Roads on my Mind

I'm a writer, a poet, a dreamer. Born and raised in New York City. I now live in Daytona Beach, Florida. .


Country roads on my mind,

country roads so very fine.

Drifting along not a care.

as the lazy days drift on by.

No city lights for me,

no flickering neon lights,

that keep the stars,

from shining at night.

Love the dirt roads,

that run through my mind,

where days of bliss were spent

and happiness was the best,

just put it to the test,

when you go dancing down a country road.

Where there were just denim jeans

and barefoot walks,

under sunny skies.

Carefree thoughts

and smiles that went on for miles.

Country roads always precious to me,

don’t give me any city smog,

where like a caged bird,

I can neither breathe nor sing.

Fresh air and sunshine,

keeping me alive,

seeing all the changes,

that one season,

after another brings.

Have been chasing,

autumn leaves blown by the wind,

down a country lane.

Catching lacy snowflakes,

upon my tongue.

Waving my arms and jumping,

to greet the birds that return in the spring.

Walking and drifting,

in the summertime,

into the woods,

to find the cool shadows

and a babbling brook.

Country roads great for skipping.

country roads where no one cares,

if you’re dressed in fashion

or just overalls.

They’re great for dreaming,

ease the mind and offer inspiration.

Humming of the crickets

and sweet songs of birds,

in tall oak trees.

Bullfrogs loudly croaking in chorus,

in a passing country stream.

Country roads bring back the memories,

of gentler days and gladder times,

of a time when life was so fine.

So when things get a bit -

too hard to handle,

I sit back and close my eyes

and soon I’m there where I want to be.

Country roads carry me,

back to days when I felt so free,

to lovely times and memories.

© 2016 Gypsy Rose Lee