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Copwoman on Vacation

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A beautiful sunny day sees Mitchell on a well deserved vacation on a Caribbean cruise. Her work at the police force has seen her grow as the city's most successful undercover cop. She was granted this getaway from her senior advisor due to her high conviction rate and multiple arrests.

The cruise has been very relaxing for her on the first day she is on it. She is able to just sit out in the sun and find enjoyment in just being able to unwind from a very hectic life at the police precinct.

As she lay in the sun on a beach chair on the ship's deck in one of your numerous bikinis, an attractive man walks over to you and lays a towel on the beach chair beside her. "Such a beautiful day out, and wondering if i can join you here?" he smiles.

She peeks through her sunglasses and retort back "Well, perhaps you should buy me a drink first" as you laugh.

"Hhhhmmm,,didn't know we were getting that intimate yet?" he laughs back. "My name is Todd,,and i didn't catch your name?"

"That's because i didn't throw it" you confidently say back "I hope you catch well as i might throw it at any time though"

"Well i do hope i catch well, i would hate to drop it that's for sure"

Time passes and the 2 people have a great conversation. Both flirting very softly with each other as sparks can be witnessed by both. Each can see the other is attracted to the other, but both play it very coy and nonchalant to keep the cat and mouse game enjoyable.

"Well Todd, i should go and get ready for dinner."

"Yes it is getting late, but would you mind if i escorted you to dinner?"

"Hhhmmmm" She thinks to her herself. "As long as you dont think i am an 'escort'" she jokes back at him.

"Well if i did, i certainly wouldn't be just inviting you to dinner" he replies chuckling.

"My room number is 245, i will expect you at 7pm" Mitchell says.

"I will be there at 6:45 just so i won't be late."

"Good boy" she says and stands up and wraps the towel around her waist. "See you soon" and then walks away.

Todd looks at her walk away "I certainly hate to see her go, but love to watch her leave" as he gazes at her body.

7 o'clock comes and Mitchell exits her room and sees a man in a suit standing at her door. "I told you i wouldn't be late" he reminds her.

"I see that" as she wears a long and tight dress. Her gown flowing and 3 inch high heels on.

"Well i must admit, i think i will have the most beautiful date tonight"

"I think you will too" she jokes again as they both start to walk towards the dinner area of the ship.

3 hours later and after an enjoyable dinner and night of dancing and conversation, he walks her back to her room.

"Well Mitchell I must thank you for a most memorable night"

"Well I aim to please" she jokes again.

"What are your plans tomorrow?"

"Well I don't have a set schedule but i am going to work out at 8am tomorrow, then after i am not too sure" she says

"I hope to be part of that schedule of yours tomorrow after that if you like"

"Well, only time will tell" she smiles.

She then turns and begins to open her door, when her arm is grabbed and spun back around, before she knows what is happening, her body is pulled tight to his and his lips wrap around hers. His hands wrap around her small waist as a kiss starts to take shape. She is caught off guard but his lips feel so nice on hers. He begins to massage her lips as Melanie slowly closes her eyes and begins to get lost in the kiss. Her arms go over his shoulders as the kiss begins to get deeper and most romantic. It's been so long since she has been kissed like this, but doesn't give any sign that she is an amateur.

Seconds pass and they begin to part their lips.
"Wow" he says "i can see you are incredibly beautiful and sexy, but your lips are intoxicating to kiss"

"I know, i did have a couple drinks remember so i have let my guard down a little bit"

"I sure hope i see you tomorrow"

"I'm pretty sure you will be in plans at some point" she says.

"I will hold you to that"

"Well I should get inside, i have an early day and the gym will be calling my name"

"Well i guess i can let you go, i mean i would hate for you to miss a workout and have the body lose any sexiness"

"Very true, so have a good night" she says as she smiles at him and closes the door.

She looks in the peep hole of her door and sees him walks away.

She walks to her bed and looks at her cell phone where she had left it to charge during her dinner. She had received a text from her police precinct that a fugitive has stowed away on her cruise ship, and her precinct captain has asked her to keep an eye out for this particular person. A photo is then attached and she notices that the fugitive is Todd, her date for the evening. She immediately runs to the door and opens it to see if he is still around, but he has disappeared and he never gave her his room number. "Damn, this will have to wait till tomorrow" she thinks to herself.

The night passes and morning comes early. Mitchell is ready for the gym. Her hair is down and straight. She has a fitted long sleeve hoodie type workout shirt. Her workout pants are skintight and stretchy along with a pair of colorful running shoes. She also takes with her a set of earphones and her phone to play her workout music.

An hour passes as she walks back to her room after a great workout. Her earphones still in and playing her music to keep her energetic. She has been thinking of Todd and how she will subdue him and bring him to justice as she opens her door. She walks in and turns to close it behind her.

Suddenly from behind the door and to her backside, a figure wraps his arm around her waist tightly and pulls her back to him. She is caught off guard and unable to scream for help as a thick pad is forced over her mouth and nose as the back of her head is forced to his shoulder and pins her head there with his hand over the cloth. "What's happening?" she thinks as she begins to try to force herself free from this assailant's grip. She preys desperately at the arm holding the pad in place over her mouth and nose and also try to free herself from around her waist. He whispers in her ear "A fighter...i like that" as he holds firm on his grip on you. she struggles furiously but it comes at a price as she starts to suck in the heavily sedated pad into her lungs. The chloroform filters through her body quickly and starts to play games with her mind. Her mind becoming disoriented...cloudy...unable to focus and keep her fight against her assailant in check. Her vision slowly starts to become blurred. Her legs lose strength..her knees buckling..her arms feeling like there are weights attached to them. Her eyes seeing spots now as she breathes in deeper. Her vocal protests start to subside and her assailant is able to maneuver her easier. "That's it hunny, keep sucking it in, your fate is sealed. With one more burst of energy Mitchell tries to bust loose of his grip, but she is too worn out to fight him off. Her legs give out as he leads her to a seated position on the floor, all the while holding the pad tightly in place. Her eyes roll back and her eyelids flutter closed. Mitchell is knocked out cold, unconscious, and very vulnerable. The pad is released from herr face. "Not so tough, now are you?". She is picked up and thrown over her assailants' shoulder. He smacks her ass several times "nothing like mixing a little business with pleasure".

Time passes and slowly she starts to regain consciousness. Her head is pounding from the strong chloroform she was given. Her wrists are tight behind her back and her body is also trussed with rope pulling her arms to her side. Her ankles are bound together and hogtied to her wrists. Her vision starts to form again. The blurry vision starts to form shapes more familiar. "What happened?" she thinks to herself. As she starts move, a strip of tape is forced over her mouth and gag her.

"Well well, I must admit i enjoyed that almost as much as our time yesterday"

She twists in the ropes and turn to see her assailant. It's Todd

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