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Come On Over

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Pull Up A Seat

Have a bite to eat

A simple home cooked chicken dinner with garlic roasted potatoes

What can be better than friends that get together

A little dessert after

A choice of ice cream on a hot brownie

A bowl of fruit with lovely whipped cream

The things that matter most

Are the things we forget all the time

Sharing experiences good and bad

Busy with work and still making an effort to say hello

The memories add up faster than an old adding machine

Sometimes there is nothing to say

Giving each other company is enough

Showing we care

After all these years

We have seen so many birthdays and weddings

All the crazy things that happen in the news

We made it through

We age and are not as young as we think

Retirement in sight

Our bodies don't feel the same

We learned so many things

Leaving the unimportant for another day

Making plans two weeks from today

If something comes up we will call

See you then

We had such a great time

Laughing and joking while walking out the door

We may never have all the riches in the world

What we do have is fun and happiness rolled into one

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