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Collage of Thoughts

Updated on April 20, 2017
Swirling of My Thoughts
Swirling of My Thoughts | Source

Human Worth

Predictable way

Android green curves foretold

Measures human worth

Scattered Thoughts
Scattered Thoughts | Source

Monkey Brain

Winter monkey brain

Vulnerable just like you please

Ghost white foot prints still

Initiating Thoughts
Initiating Thoughts | Source

Sun Rays

Gargoyle gas seeps

Streams sun rays of real chances

Constructive thoughts

Subdued Sun thoughts
Subdued Sun thoughts | Source

Summer Speaks

Happiness belief

Granny smith green fuses gold

Summer speaks strength

Connected Unifying Thoughts
Connected Unifying Thoughts | Source


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    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 6 months ago from Australia

      Hi Mark, some soul speak we have shared, then. It was lovely of you to stop by.

      I am stretching more unknowingly and knowingly with this poetry challenge Gina started for us this month. Good to know you stopped by Debangee.

      You tickle my senses with "thought machines"-love it! Thank you Jamie. All the best to you and your family.

    • jhamann profile image

      Jamie Lee Hamann 6 months ago from Reno NV

      Amazing word choice! You make beautiful thought machines. Jamie

    • Debangee Mandal profile image

      DEBANGEE MANDAL 6 months ago from India

      All four are very interesting and innovative . Loved them.

    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 6 months ago from Australia

      Hi Mark. Great of you to stop by to read today's haiku. These four were pleasurable to write. Im glad if they brought a moment of joy to you.

    • Mark Tulin profile image

      Mark Tulin 6 months ago from Santa Barbara, California

      Loved these four. It definitely spoke from the soul. Thanks.

    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 6 months ago from Australia

      I value you sharing your impressions of my mosiac of thoughts today. All the best to you whonu.

    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 6 months ago from United States

      Interesting choice of descriptives here my friend.Well done. Nice pictures to accompany. Blessings. whonu