Cliff Diving

Updated on June 26, 2017
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Brett Romine is a teacher and writer. He recently published Feudal Education, or The Heretic Knight, which is available on Amazon Kindle.

Hear the sea pounding against the surf and the gull’s cry,

Clouds casting a shade over the vast expanse of water.

Feel the fresh air drift in cool waves, a gift

A gift from eastern storm flashing in the distance.

And you and I, hand in hand swallow our fear,

As lighting zigs and zags, tearing through cloud and mist,

Yellow and red tinged-- ionic vapors singed fresh with static charge.

Step with me darling to the edge of this night’s cliff.

Those sharp rocks below merely figurative, an illusion

And far below; one more step and we fly.

Oh, gravity! Invisible terror, death rolls below,

Erasing all but the rocks, further in the sand shows

What becomes of them. Crash harder waves!

Like a hundred million teeth, row upon row, devour and slash.

Mocking you, we-- far beyond your reach-- perched on this salt cliff.

Oh, my love, dreams are true.

Reality, a creation of the darkness.

Live with me in this bottomless sea and fly with me!

Time will cease in our plummeting flight through the clouds.

Hold on tighter to my hand, love, and we’ll defy the slashing waves,

The rocks below, the shrieking gulls, the booming thunder,

And the turbulent air.

Our love will defy the descent to death and destruction.

No harm can come to beings as immortal as we,

Joined flesh to flesh, bone to bone, spirit and blood together, airborne.

Fated to be beyond the elements, eternal and forevermore.

You powers of earth and sky, our bleached bones may lie,

Strewn among the rocks, yet we remain true to our nature;

Enveloped in Dream, Intrepid, Immortal, and Incorruptible.


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