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Clearing My Fears

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Research Through My Ears

I have to find the tunnel

The opening has always been here

I just never see it

As I begin to dig

I come up with doubt

It is not new

It has been by my side

Not an enemy

Not a friend

It pushes me for meaning

An uphill battle

Under a lot of pressure

What is really important

Stay organized

Be more specific

Write first impressions

Go with my strongest instincts

A have a different vision

I miss things all the time

Thinking of something that tripped me up

My mind was busy trying to find an answer

Meanwhile back at the ranch

Things have to still be done

As if they were two roads going in two different directions instead of one

Side by side

Helping the other road would be more efficient

Can only make your road look good too

Who doesn't like a well lit road

With lots of space to move

I get into my groove

Moving slowly was never a problem

Relaxed and calm

Finding my place

As if I was following signs

Keep going straight ahead

Smooth sailing the rest of the way

The wind is behind you

Making it easier and you will go faster

Thanks for all your help

I am so pleased

When I touch return

My body bounces with endless energy

Only to find out

How exciting it is to learn

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