Cities of War

Updated on October 15, 2017
Cities of War
Cities of War

Cities of War

(Inspired by Doug Ware Photo)

Oh that the Storm filled sky would Relent its Sorrow upon the Hearts of those who weep. For War Heralds Death and Darkness for Men, each building Cities of Cemeteries, Cities of Storms that carry men to their Death, Storms that trap Men in their Graves, each to the Presence of God.

A Darkness that prevails over Life, for there is no Sunshine on the Dead of War, No Colors on the City of Death. Row upon Row, each grave having torn away the soul of a man, each holding in its vault the stature of a man whose cold and lifeless remains cry out. Each now waiting a finer Day. Oh that we could hear their voices cry out from the ground, or hear the words of God spoken to them.

Surveying the Grounds of Darkness,

Each flag posted at colors.

Each flag drab in sorrow.

Each flag in joyless grey-tones.

Each shading its colors with death.

Each headstone standing at solemn attention, commanded to be, "At Ease" for all Eternity.

These are the Cities of War whose Prince is Darkness, who hates everything. A Prince whose arms are named Hatred and Murder. A Prince who rages on for yet another War. To War Wars upon All of Creation unto the End of His Days.

But Harken this Wonder, let the Cities of War Revel in this, let them all Recall the Promised Peace of God that Rests on the Stones of Men, and the Regeneration of the Stillness of Body that lies deep within the vaults of God's Earth. Yea, He will yet once more see them Parade in Freedom as He Releases them from these Cities of War to Triumph over the Darkness that did once prevail over them.

A Tribute to the Men and Women Who Gave It Their All, to Serve a People Against the Tyrannies of Darkness and the Terrors of the Soul.

(Words inspired by Photo taken in Santa Fe, New Mexico's of a plot of ground in the National Cemetery; a photo rendered artistically and produced by Doug Ware)

Photo used with permission.

© 2017 Silva


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    • JP Silva profile image

      Silva 6 months ago from Los Angeles

      Thanks Melissa.

    • Melissa Marroquin profile image

      Melissa Marroquin 6 months ago

      POWERFUL. Talent is your middle NAME...

    • Casey White profile image

      Mike and Dorothy McKenney 6 months ago from United States

      Beautifully done and I love Doug’s photo. You have a great future as a writer. I am not a creative writer, so I am envious of your abilities to paint a picture with your words. Great job!