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Circle of friends (Jennifer)



We used to go for this Bible camp every December in my church, I loved them. I started going for Bible camps at 8 years old when the cut off age then was at 10 years. Everyone loved me so for me, they bent the rules, and I was always winning awards for the being the youngest camper, or for taking part in a Bible quiz.

One year my siblings and I went for this Bible camp as usual and when we arrived, we were taking our our bags from the bus, I was standing with Jennifer and as the youngest of my siblings I was waiting for my sister to bring out the bags so we go look for our room, just out of nowhere Jennifer burst out laughing whilst tapping me to look at something, I turned and realized she was pointing to the bags my sister just brought out.

She asked me who I think packed his or stuff in such an ugly traveling bag. I never liked her.

Another instance was when a guy she professed to hate started showing interest in me. I didn’t really know what was going on then, but this guy kept on sending me good nights texts to which I never responded, so as a naïve girl I showed it to Jennifer who then proceeded to tell me to never respond to this guy again. A couple of weeks later she and this guy were dating.

Jennifer was a snob, she looked down her nose at everyone and pretended to be what she wasn’t most of the time. For some reason no matter how well dressed Jennifer was, I never envied her. I always thought there was something which was just not right with her.

In my very first year in the university I was walking to lectures and a car just stopped right beside me, he said his was Sebastian and he liked me so he took my number. I was flattered, I mean, somebody actually want me?? We talked for a while, he was a great deal older than me and that scared me, I realized I wouldn’t be able to date this man, so one day I visited Jennifer in her hostel and she had this roommate and both of them kept on talking about all these men they’ve been going out it with, so I gave Sebastian’s number to her. I thought they will be a perfect match.

But that day Sebastian’s number wasn’t the only thing I gave to her, she asked for Mabel’s number. The thing was, she had seen Mabel as a video vixen in a couple of music videos and asked for her number so they could chat, or so I thought. Several weeks later I noticed from both Mabel’s and Jennifer’s snaps that there were like best friends now.

They practically lived together. I know Mabel, more then the other three could ever, so I just watched their drama unfold.

But In the meantime I watched Jennifer move from dark to fair and hotel to restaurants. It made me smile.

One day Mabel calls me and tells me she’s no longer friends with Jennifer, I didn’t ask why, I had a fair idea, but she told me anyways.

A few months latter I was watching snaps and I saw a snap of Jennifer, a child and a caption suggesting he was hers. So I asked her if he was hers, and she told me to mind my own business.

That was the last time I texted Jennifer, she's my friend both on Facebook and Instagram she’s more on Instagram now, and the last time I saw a reel of hers. She was swimming in a pool and the location said Dubai.

She’s still fair, but now her reels suggest that she’s moving from pool to pool.

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