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Circle of Friends (Mabel)



I saved her for last because there is a lot to say about her, but the very first thing I want you to know is that I respected her. She was older than all of us by a 2 or three years but that wasn’t the reason I respected Mabel. Mabel was a fighter, among the 4 of us she had a greater cause to fight for a place in this world.

She lived in a slum but you will never know by her appearance, even though we were struggling as a family then, it was absolutely nothing compared to Mabel and her family. I knew her family and had been to her house a couple of times, we lived close by and just adjacent my house lived this girl her name was Pearl.

Pearl’s parents liked me and will often invite me over to eat or play with Pearl but will never allow Mabel in too. I never knew why, and I liked food so I normally ditched Mabel.

I was still in JHS when Mabel went to SHS, one vacation she came by my house to tellme that she was competing in a beauty pageant. It was “Miss SHS”, and according to her contestant were funding for most of the show, I was confused and doubted the illegitimacy of the show but Mabel looked and sounded convinced, she came by to borrow a dress from me, and at that moment I was wearing this other dress and she bluntly told me that dress will look better on her, so I eventually gave that one too. Never saw both dresses again.

Mabel now that I think about It was most of time fighting depression and lack of self image.

She was always complaining of people talking about her, people whispering whenever she passed by and I was always assuring her that it wasn’t so. I wasn’t surprised when she stopped coming to church, for a while she went about telling people she was an atheist, but I always knew that part of Mabel’s way of forming a self image for herself was to shock people with most of her actions.

I lost contact with Mabel for a long time, the next time I saw was in a music video for a very popular musician, she was a video vixen. I wasnt surprised. The next time I saw her was close to where she and her family use to live, she told her friends that I was her childhood friend and we exhanged contacts, she promised to keep in touch and she did.

Mabel was always honest to me she told me everything she does and she never shied away from saying that she was a call girl. She always had stories for me, her clients and some of these musician she dances for. When Jennifer started hanging out with her, Mabel told confided in me that she doesent understand why Jennifer wants to be a call call girl like her.

When their friendship fell apart she told me everything and I just told her to forget about it.

Somewhere along the line Mabel started coming to church, she will always ask me whether she should wear a dress to cover her tats or remove her numerous ear rings and I will tell her to just come. Sometimes too she will call me, hungover and plead with me to buy waakye and meet her on the way and she will mostly be in a taxi, still drunk and smelling of weed.

But her family no longer lived in the slums anymore, her dad looked healthier the last time I saw him and her family no longer live in a one bedroom apartment with no bathroom, toilet and a kicthen.

I admired her, I was happy for her because inspite of everything she enrolled herself in school and started attending GIJ after many years of finishing SHS. I remember helping her in most of her assignment, because sometimes she had to work.

But Mabel is a bully which I assume it comes from her being Ga, I endured some but I soon realized she had soon outlived her usefulness in my life, when she expected me to take her side even when she was wrong in a matter.

She blocked me everywhere two years ago, I still respect and admire her and I hope she makes better choices now, she deserves to be happy.