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Chronicles of Darok.


I wish you humans, could learn control of the mind, where you don't react. Why do you get worked up about things? Things that bring others pleasure or give others happiness, that you do not agree with. It is your right to critique, family, friends, etc, but you must also realize yours is not the only opinion. You react to the slightest of things and then you wonder why mental health is so prevalent in your society! Of course, your society does not help. You are so distracted by things that are not important, you neglect the very essence of what it is to be alive. Some things are important to you because society has told you they matter. I am sad to say, this is a very dreadful existence.

We Martians, once more, eons ago, were similar to you now. I hate to see your civilization like this, you are all on wheels trying to achieve something or trying to go somewhere. Yet, you get frustrated because sometimes, you want to get off this wheel and live the life the Creator meant for you to live. Yet because your governments are stuck in the past, the ordinary people of Earth, are stuck on wheels that never seem to end. Until you come to the realization or should I say, those that rule you come to this realization you are stuck.

Everything with you humans is conflict, aggression, greed, materialism and then you ask the question, "why is everything going wrong"? Your planet is finite. Granted it is bigger than my homeworld of Mars, never-the-less, it is finite. In our history, we used up the resources of Mars quicker than you will. Remember Mars, as you call my homeworld, is only half the size of your Earth. This is why we used up our resources so quickly, we turned our world into a cold, bleak, desert of a world. We turned a once beautiful, blue-green world into a shadow of what it was. We rose from nothing and fell back down to nothing. When we watch your planet, you are like little children, stumbling in the dark, you need the light of the Creator. I bore you, no doubt when I tell you we were once like you, as was our world, but it's true.

Sometimes I think we Martians, are a little too hard, on your species. You must attain enlightenment and change direction if you are to survive, but should this, really be our concern? It is because we like you, you remind us of ourselves, how we once were. Does this mean we are caring beings? I guess it must do. We have the placidity and peace of mind developed through years of training and being at one, with our environment and ultimately, the Sovereign of our Universe.

Once more, my fellow beings, I will bid you well. There will be more musings from myself Darok, soon.

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