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Christmas Flash Fiction Stories

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in Psychology.

Christmas Season

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It is the season when sprits are high and everyone seems to be walking around with a smile. Well except for maybe those dashing through the malls and trying to get ready for the season. Christmas is also a time, which for many is a time of struggles and sorrow. Here are three flash fiction stories about Christmas wishes, a miracle and an ill advised visit to the North Pole.


North Pole Fence

“ I disapproved of the “No Trespassing” sign, so I climbed over the fence. After all this is the North Pole ama Santa is kind of a public servant. So I have the right to be here.”

The Elf in a security uniform just stood and looked at the human before him.

“I understand what you’re saying but this is private property owned by the one and only Santa Claus. Besides, how did you even see the fence? Only people who still believe can even still see the North Pole. Which is why it is mostly children who sneak in here.”

He looke at the elf. “It wasn’t that hard. I waited until saw one your elves the followed the elf back here.”

“Well then, Mr Jones, why are you here trespassing. Trying to steal Santa’s secrets?”

“No, I don’t care about Santa’s secrets. I care about my daughter. All I know is this Santa guy stiffed my daughter on the present she requested. I came to see why.”

The elf rubbed his little chin. “I see but do you know you can’t see Santa.”

“Well I’m not leaving until I see him.”

The Elf just stood there. He looked at the other elf and nodded. He pulled a little device from his belt.

“Look up his daughter's name. The second security elf typed a name into his device.” He showed the device to the head security agent. He looked back at Mr Jones.

“It says here you daughter was naughty all year long so she broke the Nice contract. She was only entitled to an alternate present. So there is nothing to talk to Santa about. The head security elf waved his hand.

“But…” before he could say anything else he disappeared.

The Miracle

“Merry Christmas!” Shouted the Santa Claus standing on the corner. “Ho, Ho, Ho,” he exclaimed as he rang his bell. Jake dropped a few coins in his kettle as he walked by.

“Merry Christmas,” Jake mumbled to himself. “I wish you could grant miracles.” Jake walked on. The sidewalk Santa turned his way and smiled. “Miracle granted.” He whispered into the wind.

Jake walked on. The winter wind ripped at his coat. The cold made the tips of his ears tingle. “Bah,” he said to himself. Christmas was one of the two worst times of the year to be alone. The other being Valentine's Day. It was not like he was truly alone. He could talk to his wife on Zoom or FaceTime. But the truth was he couldn’t feel the warmth of her touch on his skin. Though he could see her he could not truly feel the joy of her smile.

Jake rounded the corner of the street where his house was located. He walked up the block to his house. He looked up at the number 315. He let out a sigh. He took his time climbing each step because he knew inside was only loneliness. He put the key in the lock and turned. He threw open the door and stepped inside. He lifted his head to find his wife standing before him. He didn’t feel the tears running down his cheek. He rushed over and hugged and kissed her. He let go of her for a second and backed up. “How?” He said.

She smiled. His heart melted. “I truly don’t know. I was not on the list to come home but then I was. To make it even better my time is done. I get an honerable discharge in the New Year. All I can say is it is a miracle.

Outside on the sidewalk a Santa smiled, tipped his head and vanished.

One Last Time

Christmas is a time for wishes. Some of those wishes are granted while others are left unfulfilled. For Lou Watson his Christmas wish of the last 20 years was never granted. The wish you might ask was to have one more conversation with his departed wife. So like everyday before it Lou woke up and made his way to the kitchen to brew his coffee. He let out a sigh as he scooped the grounds into the pot and then added the water. He had been meaning to get himself one of those timed coffee makers so his coffee would be ready when he got up but had never gotten around to it. He stopped for a second and leaned on the counter. There it was again that light headedness that had been plaguing him the last couple weeks. He chalked it up to sinuses. He turned from the counter. He rubbed his eyes.

“No, you’re not hallucinating dear. It is me. After all these years your Christmas wish has been granted.”

“But how...I mean why. I mean. Well I don’t know what I mean. Wait, is this some kind of hallucination caused by my brain tumor or something.”

“Lou stop. It’s me. I was sent here to grant your wish.”

Lou stood there.

“I still don’t get it Katelyn. You passed on 20 years ago and since then I’ve wished for this moment every Christmas but now that it’s actually happened who would have guessed I’d be tongue tied. I mean...well. Can I touch you?”

“Yes,” she said as she stood up. Lou walked over. They embraced. Tears lined his checks.

“You feel so warm.”


“I mean for someone who has been gone for so long…”

Katelyn laughed. “Lou, for now I’m as real as you are but in a few moments I have to go back.”

Lou released her and stepped back. “Go back...but you just got here. There is so much to talk about...the children...all grown.”

She put a finger to his lips. “Lou you don’t understand. I’m not leaving alone. I asked to be the one who called you home when the time came. I’m your escort.”

“But what about the children. I won’t be able to say goodbye.”

“Open you eyes dear.”

Lou opened his eyes. Standing next to his hospital bed were his three children, two boys and one girl.”

“Hey dad,” Said Ron his oldest. “We’re all here.”

Lou looked up at his children. “I saw your mother. She looks good. She said to say good bye. I think she came to get me.”

His daughter started to cry.

“It is ok dear. I’ll be with your mother. Now if you all don’t mind I’m very tired and need to close my eyes.”

Lou closed his eyes and there was his wife again.

“Are you ready Lou?”

“Yes dear.”

They both held hands amd walked into the light.

At the hospital an alarm sounded in Lou’s room. Two nurses and a doctor rushed into the room. They worked on Lou for a few moments but then stopped. The head doctor looked over at the three children.”He’s gone...I’m sorry for you loss. But look at it this way he is no longer in pain.”

The Christmas Train - Bonus Story

“All aboard!”

Dan walked over to the conductor.

“Ticket please.”

Dan handed him his ticket.

“Ah a good year. Up the steps and to your left. Enjoy your trip and time sir.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Dan stepped up into the train. He walked down the aisle and took a seat. There were about three people in the car besides him. “69 must not be a good year.” He thought. He had just settled in and gotten comfortable when he felt the train leech. The train started to jerk and buck as it picked up speed.

Dan looked out the window. The city gave way to the countryside. He closed his eyes. The next thing he knew the conductor was announcing, “Next stop 1969!”

The train started to slow down and after a few minutes it came to a stop. Don got up and left the train. He stopped in the train station bathroom and changed into his disguise. He left the bathroom and headed out of the station. He walked a couple of blocks from the station and headed to the subway. He knew from living in and near the city all his life that the 5B line would take him where he wanted to go. He walked down the steps and put a couple of pre 1969 dollar bills into the ticket machine. It spit out an all day boarding pass. He waited on the platform for the train. It came within minutes. He stepped into the subway car. His nerves kicked in. Did he really want to do this? After all, it was the worst Christmas of his life. Still...what was he doing? He watched the train stop at Lovast St. He knew if he went up the steps and down the road a few houses he would be home. A woman stepped onto the train and the doors closed. It was only when she sat down across from him that he realized who the woman was...his wife.

“What are you doing here Dan?”

“I was going…”

“You do this every year but you know you can’t change anything. Let’s go home and have a Merry Christmas and put the past where it belongs.”

He got up and went over to his wife. He hugged her and kissed her.

“You’re right...let’s go home.”

A few blocks away a little boy watched as his father walked out the front door never to return.

© 2020 Timothy Whitt

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