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Christine's Song

Molly writes under the pen name M. Allman. If you would like to read more of her work, you can find her books on Amazon Kindle.

Christine was a girl whose father taught her a lovely song. The song dwelled in her heart and on her mind, guiding her and bringing her peace and happiness. Knowing and singing this song brought her so much joy that the girl wanted to share it with others. She printed the words on leaflets and went on her journey walking through the town sharing the blissful tune.

A few of the people told her the song was the most beautiful they had ever heard and thanked her for sharing the delightful lyrics with them. Others didn’t like the words, melody or the tune and refused to listen to the whole song. Then, there were those who pointed out the beat was all wrong; there was no way they could dance to her song.

Feeling inspired by those who liked the song, she went on to share the joyful tune with as many people as possible. Christine walked on to find others in need of peace.As she walked, she noticed her song leaflets littered the streets. Some crumpled into paper wads or torn into many pieces and others trampled on the ground into the dirt. Tears filled the girl’s eyes. She couldn’t understand why anyone would treat her gift as trash.

Christine thought if she broadcast her song for the entire town to hear and it was loud and clear, then all would sing the song with her. They must hear its melody and feel the rhythm not just read the words. She trekked to the center of the town, climbed to the highest point and sang. With her arms spread wide, her lungs filled with air and her voice permeated the atmosphere with the lovely song.

As Christine sang, a small crowd migrated to her and sat at her feet listening to the joyful sound. They learned the words to her song and joined her, singing in perfect harmony. Later, as her voice carried, reaching more of the town, another group emerged. An angry mob of people shouting, “We have rights, and we shouldn’t be forced to listen to this song.” Some put muffs over their children's ears in fear of the melody penetrating their young hearts and planting a seed in their impressionable young minds.The mob continued to protest and complained that she must be silenced.

Authorities stepped in and silenced Christine, removing her voice box so she may never sing her song again. This upset the girl, but she thought of all those who listened to her voice, and this comforted her. She realized her song reached numerous people, and its tune might implant in their minds and while they whistle, hum, or sing the melody, the song may fill their hearts.

Christine silently dreamed of the day when her song would unite all people in one choir, brought together by the beauty of the song’s words, and there would be peace on earth.