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Chow Time.. 'Sic' (00:33) (of) 'Talking' (1:33) (2) 'Alien's'... (2:33)

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Vibrations, whalen...

Which is.. Salem,

3 sees trees, flailing...

Swaying in the leaves, breeze.. please, lick the stamp map, know excuses.. now.. we can't, man is mailing...

A message.. Send us, in god we trust.. shush, hush.. statics crutch, systems failing..

To feed the need of minds freed.. Indeed, do you see (33) 16:16... (four me) Time... flies... butt, apparently never lies... always in disguise... unless you're believing...

All the bullshit.. scents a hint.. a splint in a pinch.. awake.. pinch pinch.. snitch, cinch.. sinch up the stitch.. 6 million dollar man.. minds been split, lids lift, 2 paths begin swift, leading..

Fork mork... look up you fukin' dork, its russ, pork.. he's porkin' er' russ... Discussed.. talking about absolute disgust. Rough.. but how many words would explain 'enough'... Enough of getting fukked.. raw, bleeding..

Misleading... its.. being. Human?? Asleep again... ZZZzzz ZZZzzz ZZZzzz... Count.. ahahahaa. Street sesame's believes bloods.. pumping...

In your legs & neck.. thumping.. a beats bumping.. musically creating something.. alive behind two eye's.. blue skies.. wave high.. jumping..

Free of me & into the see.. leaves of seas.. 7 could bee.. but who really knows if you go.. swimmings, singing.. a lap.. pal.. thoughts wow.. into the deep canal.. here ears, diving..

sic(00:33) talking(1:33) aliens(2:33)

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