Cheddar Cheese Stick

Updated on April 27, 2018

I looked over to the freshly sliced turkey, it’s package was wrapped brand new. Feeling a tang of jealousy I looked down at my package, ripped and old. A few of my brothers still stayed beside me. They, like me, haven't been chosen yet. I thought back to the good old days when we were fresh and new like the turkey, when the girl was excited to take us out of this boring old fridge drawer. We came in a package from a huge store, surrounded with those just like us, each of us wrapped individually. I guess they call our kind “cheese sticks”. I know, it sounds absolutely ridiculous; but I’ve heard people look at me and say that, so I’ve stuck with it. I looked around at the cold box-shaped thing I call home. Was this what life's about? Sitting here waiting to be picked? It seems pretty useless to me. If someone would just take me. If someone would just enjoy my sweet, creamy flavor. I would be so very happy.

As the days wore on, I became older and less orange. None of my brothers ever got chosen either. We all just sat there, feeling useless and ignored. We continued to be pushed further and further back from the front of the fridge, until we could no longer move anymore and we were being squashed against a hard wall. I began to lose hope just as the fridge door opened once again. But it seemed later than usual, not a normal food-fetching time. Three girls, one of which I recognized, peeked their heads inside the cold box.

“I’m in the mood for cheese. Do you have any cheese?”

“Um, yeah, here. I have cheese sticks. They’re kinda old, but I think it’s fine. There’s a few left, we can eat them.”

They were talking about cheese sticks. Wait. I’m a cheese stick. Could it be? Am I being picked? Is this the moment I’ve always been waiting for? The Lindsey Lohan look alike reached into the fridge drawer. I prayed for her to reach me as her hand traveled further and further back, past all of the new, more popular food. She stopped and her hand curled around my package. I looked over at my brothers who were celebrating. “We’ve been picked! Finally! We can live out the rest of our lives in peace!”

The cold box door shut and I had a new perspective on the world. It was huge and warm. Suddenly the girls started running and we were going down steps into a whole new room. It was even bigger than the one before and it was dark. We sat down on something they called a couch. I watched them from the table as they fought over blankets. I waved to the brownies on the table beside mine, they seemed to be in distress as a small, black and white animal ate them right up. I learned that the animal was not really supposed to eat them as the girls screamed and told him that he was bad and to go upstairs.

After what seemed like forever one of the girls peeled off that weird plastic thing that was always stuck to me and I could finally feel the air. I could finally breathe like a cheese stick should. I could see my brothers across the room with the other two girls as we all took our last breathe and fell down, down, down a dark hole that would take us to the next part of our life’s.

Summer chewed the last bit of her cheese stick up just as she started to feel a churning in her stomach. She looked over at Kamryn and Lexi to see if they thought the cheese tasted sour like she did. They seemed fine; Lexi was chowing down on a second one and Kamryn was searching for pieces of brownie that the dog had not eaten already.

“Guys, I don’t feel to good. I think the cheese was rotten.” “It seemed perfectly fine to me.” They responded confused. Summer felt her stomach rumble and the cheese coming back up her throat as she sprinted up the stairs and to the bathroom toilet.

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      • carrie Lee Night profile image

        Carrie Lee Night 

        10 months ago from Northeast United States

        Different view of being a cheese stick, gives a new enlighten freedom for the food world. Enjoyed this clever story telling. Thank you for sharing.

      • Frank Atanacio profile image

        Frank Atanacio 

        10 months ago from Shelton

        you know what I actually enjoyed this piece... I really did


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