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Champagne Taste on Beer Budget

When we met he intoned

What's a girl like you doing in a place like this

I can clearly see you are out of your comfort zone

With the sleek look of a cowboy

his crooked grin and hazel eyes

Tight Jeans, cowboy boots and that

Mischievous gleam in did I mention,

his beautiful hazel eyes

Pardon me he said with that sexy cowboy drawl

it appears you are a little lost

Obviously, I cannot afford you

As you appear to exist on fine wine

But I have a hankering if you please

For champagne taste on beer budget

But I promise you if you imbibe

You are in for the ride of your life

As I watched him walk away, the lean cowboy

His spurs clanking against the hardwood floor.

There was no haste

A slow, sensuous walk that had me transfixed

As the years went by I watched him still

My long lean cowboy with those amazing hazel eyes.

For Keith: My long, lean Cowboy with the amazing hazel eyes

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