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Celebrating Life : Healthier and Happier

Hey, I am Nishika. I'm a budding writer and enthusiastically explore different areas. I always try to keep myself motivated and enjoy life.


She started smoking when she was 19. She wasn’t allowed to change city for studies. She was having a hard time coping up with working as a school teacher at such a young age, but she never forgot to give time to her friends. We had conversations once in a while and it was fun talking to her.

As far as I know, growing up, her friends and her elder sister have been her strongest support system. They would travel together, spend nights chatting for hours and enjoyed doing everything together. They always had a blast. I remember, her telling me that she forgets all her problems when she is with her sister.

After a little while, I came to know that she has started smoking. When I confronted her about the same, she told me that after her sister's marriage she started feeling lonely and depressed. Whenever she would hang out with her friends, they would smoke. That made her curious and out of curiosity she tried smoking a cigarette too. She didn’t stop after that.

One cigarette became 3-4 packs a day. It was something she started looking forward to more often. She would smoke at home when she couldn’t resist it but in the balcony so that her parents wouldn’t know. She fixed time just for smoking. It had been quite a while for her sister’s marriage and her sister came to visit her family. She never hid anything from her sister but didn’t tell her about smoking.

Guilt took over her and she couldn’t keep it inside her anymore. Whenever she used to see her sister she would feel sorry. One day she finally confessed to her sister that she smoked. The only thing her sister told her was, “ don’t make it a habit, you’ll suffer. Be your own strength”. Her sister didn’t judge her or shamed her, instead she understood her condition and encouraged her to quit smoking.

Her sister started talking to her daily. Over the call they would talk for hours. Even I used to talk to her for hours. Her sister knew that every evening at six she would smoke, so her sister would call her and talk to her so that she wouldn’t smoke. Whenever she had an urge to smoke, her sister would ask her to eat candy to keep her distracted. When She saw the efforts her sister was putting in just to help her quit, she knew that if nothing else, then at least she owed it to her sister.

So she decided not to rely on anything to make her life better. She decided to quit smoking and focus on becoming happier and healthier. She started because she realized that things in her life were not right and probably still won’t be. She relied on smoking too much but now she knows better. The fact that she has someone who looks out for her and cares for her makes it easier for her to quit smoking.

She today celebrates every moment of her life being healthier and happier.

Share with me your story of celebrating life and I will share it with people through my blogs.

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