Cave Painting

Updated on June 25, 2017
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Brett Romine is a teacher and writer. He recently published Feudal Education, or The Heretic Knight, which is available on Amazon Kindle.

Time passes . . . fades upon all things,

Settles foul dust upon all.

Time was . . . this wall breathed with life.

And shadows cast there took on a life

Beyond the jagged amber glow of fire

Beneath the sheltering sky of rock caverns,

We sat and feasted.

Recreated bold days of brave men coloring their world.

Men lived . . . drank the blood of the earth

And the blood of beasts.

Time was . . . massive creatures foraged

through endless meadows

And men brandished sharpened stone,

Shook off the slumber and fear,

Seeking the glory of the hunt,

The triumph of the kill.

Time passes . . . but these walls, though faded,

Never lie.

Truth etched in stone older than man.

Do you hear the death cry of the beast?

Or the yells of ecstasy from the panting hunter

Whose spear tip has found its mark?

Come closer if you dare . . . light a fire,

Breathe the dust of a thousand years,

And listen to the sound of time.


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