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Caught Up in Winter Love

I'm a writer, a poet, a dreamer. Born and raised in New York City. I now live in Daytona Beach, Florida. .


Love as cold as winter,

as cold as the frozen ice,

had him captured,

had his heart,

caged and his soul chained.

He thought of it as winter love,

a love that froze,

before he could make it grow.

He found her enticing,

just like all the flowers of summer,

she was bright and colorful,

full of life

and full of the joy of living.

Their love blossomed

and seemed so beautiful,

each day they celebrated,

each night they dreamt,

by the light of the moon,

Somewhere along the way,

they became as one,

always in love,

always there for one another.

It was upon a day,

as ordinary as any other,

when the sudden change in the wind

and a few swirling leaves surprised him.

Summer was fast fading,

autumn was riding in,

slowly he began to realize,

that his love seemed to be changing.

Then one winter’s day,

as he waited for her,

he saw the first snowflakes begin to swirl,

it was a day he never forgot,

it was the day she never came.

All through the winter,

his heart hardly beat,

he felt as frozen,

as the winter scenery.

His dreams were of her,

his thoughts troubled,

his heart encased in ice,

he wondered how to go on.

As the winter faded,

the ice melted into silvery springs,

the first spring winds came blowing in,

he wondered if by some miracle,

she might come back.

Then on a day,

when the first flowers were blooming,

just like the time,

when beautiful red roses,

seem to come out of the snow,

she appeared so lovely,

smiling brightly,

she had run for her own once broken heart,

had made her so very afraid,

afraid of such a passionate love,

that might once more,

do harm to her vulnerable heart.

It took the winter to miss him,

to make her realize,

how really true her love was,

so just like a lovely rose of summer,

she returned,

to love him and stay forever more.

© 2017 Gypsy Rose Lee

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