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Caught Between Day and Night

Where Do We Finish And Where Do We Start

Some people think this is one fine mess we got into

I like the range of thought that we actually forgot

The day plays out with light on our side

The night secretly works in the dark

A total mystery from this world that can't be seen

As our bodies move energy is set to motion

When we are still

The power is covered by our blind eyes

Each beat follows the beat before

We all sound off slightly different than the rest

Ideas are created constantly

Each floating around waiting to be put to good use

Their enormous potential can easily be forgotten

If mankind wanders like a stray

No different than a kitten without it's mother

Lost and vulnerable

One day joined together

We see how the close knit family works best

Staying alive and providing for each other

All in a days work

Where we can witness every experience

With incredible interest and a love that can never be stopped

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