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Cathedral in the Sky


Your beautiful defined coloration, in a stain glassed array, is so divine,

Spread upon evening's palette, by each precious stroke of sunshine.

The rainbow's art work displayed, by every raindrop then does magnify,

A cathedral of the evening so glorious, God's magnificence in the sky.


In reverence we all watch, as each shower of vibrance is spread,

As if some fine seamstress has sewn a masterful work with thread.

Reds and golds, in tints so bold, oranges and yellows are so hewn,

A grand composition by a musician of old, every ensemble, in tune.

Every ensemble in tune.

Every ensemble in tune.

As hands of the master artist prepares, each brush stroke so evenly,

The lines and hues of such a glory, depicts the celestial, so heavenly.

No sculptor or potter to cast such a prize, as slips in glazes he applies,

This resplendent song of nature to apprise, a symphony to harmonize.


This cathedral of the ages, no words, descriptions on all the pages,

May portray, or to display, in their depth, of them, accurately gauges.

Profound resplendence, finest elegance, in aquamarine and azure,

Burgundy and crimson, violet displays, colors of the scales, so pure.


The marvel of the evening sky, will wax and wane, to leave by and by,

Fueled by the sun's majesty, on its daily destiny, across the azure sky.

As nighttime's curtain draws, we stop to watch, give pause, to its glory,

Part of all humanity's revelation, the beginning of salvation, in its story.

Revelation in the story of humanity...this beauty in the evening sky...

Revelation in the story of humanity...this beauty in the evening sky...

© 2016 whonunuwho

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