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Category 5

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Category 5 Hurricane

Category 5 Hurricane

Panic erupts as the powerful wind take away roofs
Houses demolished and trees released from the roots
People screaming in the dark as the light goes out
communities flooded, people trapped, now there is no way out
Cars washed away, some lucky to only have a broken screen
Roads transformed into rivers, houses into streams
Evacuation is too late for me, i chose to stay
To protect my home, to weather the storm all the way
But now i regret doing so, the water is up to my waist and my pet dog drowned
I tried to save him, he was trap when he went down
Help me someone! i can't let this storm take our lives away
But the choice was mine, i chose to stay.

In the darkness, i heard screams from people who also decided to stay put
As roofs took wings, electrical wires fell, i was cold, afraid, i felt my heart shook
What on God's earth have i gotten myself into, waters up to my waist
My little baby girl, i put her to sit on a higher place
I held my wife's hand, she looked at me and i could see her fears hugging
This was my fault, I gambled with their lives, now to save them i am struggling
i walked to the window and pressed my face on the glass to see outside
Then BAM! on the glass a alligator crashed, seems like he wanted to get inside
When the waters rise as they do now, the crocodiles roam in the storm,
feeling quite at home
But i pray that scary night that none entered our home

I stood there, praying, taking mother natures abuse
There was no where to escape, no where to seek refuge
i was afraid, i was scared, but i just had to be strong for them
i looked up, said a small prayer, begging for it to end
But now, now the threat have passed and i am standing alone
because the wicked waters took them away, faster than a thought
I tried to hold on, but my efforts came to naught
They are gone, i cannot be thankful to be alive
they day i hate the most, was the day i met a category 5

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