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Carlee Makes Friends - A Children's Book With Pictures

Kari thinks children are fun. Their viewpoints are at times eyeopening. Kari likes to make up silly stories for them.

Carlee Finds New Friends




Carlee was a power and powerful. In the prime of her life, cocky and assured, all she was scared of was lightning. She would sit next to her human, Ara, and act like she was guarding Ara very well from all that nasty noise. Sitting right at Ara’s side meant she was right there if anything attacked. She knew Ara thought thunder was fine, but it was just unnatural for a loud noise to just appear from nothing.

Sniffing the air, and catching a whiff of squirrel, Carlee looked at the forest. Her frenemies, the squirrels, lived in the forest. Always staying above the height she could jump. Chattering and chittering down at her. It was enough to drive a dog crazy. She spotted them within the forest’s border. She kept them right at the corner of her eye.

Carlee called the squirrels frenemies because they provided her with a great deal of entertainment over the years (like a friend), but she really did get annoyed when they entered her backyard (like an enemy). Their entertainment value lay in the hunt. The hunt consisted of each of them doing their normal daily routine; her sniffing the edges of the grass, them chattering and chittering. At the same time as one was seeming very unaware of the other, both knew the other’s exact location.

Just as a friend keeps an eye on you at the park, so Carlee and the squirrels kept an eye on each other. Just as you keep an eye on the bully, so they kept an eye on each other. Carlee because she thought they laughed at her and the squirrels because they thought Carlee wanted to eat them. So friend plus enemy at the same time equaled frenemy.

Sam (Samantha), the mother squirrel

Sam (Samantha), the mother squirrel

The Squirrels

Larry and Sam (Samantha), the squirrels, were as scared of Carlee as Carlee was scared of getting her toenails clipped (which was a lot). They needed to keep her in eyeshot the whole day. That monster wasn’t going to get a chance to eat them. They chittered and chattered about where Carlee was and the beautiful day while they played.

Carlee was frightened that the squirrels were laughing at her. She hated to be laughed at. As the runt of the litter she knew a little about that type of laughter. So Carlee was always a little worried when the squirrels were about.

Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall, this state of affairs continued. Year after year it went on. Until one fine spring day. Fine because the sun was warm on your back, and you could smell the flowers. Hearing the baby birds chirp for their food, Carlee noticed another sound. Chattering and chittering in new, higher voices. Carlee knew this was different than the usual sound.


The squirrel family ran by on a branch. The father squirrel lecturing the kids, “That is a monster (pointing at Carlee). You must always know where it is or it will eat you.” The young squirrels chittered and chyttered excitedly. A deep growl came from below them. Carlee showed her teeth. They were getting a little close to the yard.

Running up the branch, the squirrels retreat to the woods. One of the young squirrels slipped and wavered on the branch. Suddenly she was falling through the air. PHEWPH all the air went out of her lungs. She couldn’t catch her breathe and there was the monster. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion..

Carlee spun in a circle when she heard the small one fall. Suddenly all her motherly instincts kicked in for the young whimpering pile of fear. Carlee’s nose poked at the baby squirrel. Carlee poked again.

The baby squirrel wondered why being eaten tickled. Being eaten was supposed to hurt, at least that’s what mom and dad led her to believe. The baby reasoned that her parents had never been eaten because they were still here. Everyone knows that after you are eaten you are no longer here. Maybe, they really had no idea what it was like.

New Friends

“Don’t worry, it tickles” chittered the baby squirrel. But the chitter was muffled by the nose so the squirrels couldn’t understand. Mom and Dad squirrel were frantic. Dad said he would attack. When suddenly a distinct giggle arose from the scene. “Don’t worry! It tickles! Being eaten tickles!”, the baby squirrel squealed in delight.

The other 2 babies started chattering at their parents, “I want to get eaten!” Frenzied running back and forth on the branch led to first one than both tumbling into the grass. By now the first was in all out howls of laughter. The 2 new ones rushed for the fun.

Carlee was ecstatic to have friends. She gently poked them all as they rolled on the ground laughing. Carlee’s laughter sounded to her person as a whine. Her person asked what she had found. Carlee barked, “come look!”at her.

As her person came, the squirrels became nervous and scared again. “Those kill us”, they whispered to Carlee. Carlee explained that her human was well trained and would not hurt any of them unless Carlee told her to. The babies crouched next to Carlee, trusting her to keep them safe.

Carlee stood over the babies while her person came over. The parent squirrels were chattering and chittering, yelling in fear for their babies.

“Wow, those squirrels are being very loud today. Are they trying to play with you?” Carlee’s person Ara asked.

All the animals heard was blah, blah, bladidy, blah. But the tones of the voice were happy and carefree so the animals felt safe. Carlee’s person wandered away slowly, still talking to Carlee.

“Blah, blah, bladidy, blah,” the animals heard.

After Ara went inside, Carlee and the baby squirrels played for a little while longer. Mom and Dad squirrel decided the babies needed a rest. They all scrambled up the fence to the trees beyond the yard and disappeared. Carlee couldn’t wait until they played again. It was fun having friends.

HeHeHe laughed the three baby squirrels

HeHeHe laughed the three baby squirrels

Carlee and Stu the Stink Bug

“Bark, bark, bark. Bark, bark, bark.” Carlee said to the stinkbug. (Translated this means, “play with me, play with me.)

The stink bug raised its butt into the air. There was a miniscule explosion and a stink came out. The stink bug was scared almost to death by this large animal that kept following it and wanting to play. The stink bug didn’t know what “play” was so it raised it’s butt again and again produced a foul smell.

Carlee got a good whiff of this odor and was happy as could be. The stink bug was playing with her.

“Bark, bark, bark. Bark, bark, bark!” Carlee said to the stink bug. (Translated this meant, “That is an extremely good odor, so interesting!”)


Will You Be My Friend?

The stink bug was confused. Usually everyone hated the smell and left him alone after he produced it. But Carlee was as happy as could be. She was even asking for more.

“How can you like that?!” the stink bug exclaimed.

“I’ve never smelled anything like it. My favorite game is smelling smells, there is no bad smells, just good and better.” Carlee replied. “Will you be my friend?” Carlee asked.

“What is a friend?” the Stu the stink bug asked.

“A friend is someone fun to play with.” Carlee answered. “I think you are already my friend because I am having fun playing with you.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Stu. “I’ve never been a friend before. And best of all, I have a friend.”

So they played the days away. The stink bug making a stink and Carlee barking, “Oooo, you have such a stinky stink!” “Bark, Bark, Bark.”

After that, Ara would hear, “Bark, Bark, Bark. Bark, Bark, Bark.” And when she looked to see what Carlee was barking at she often found Carlee playing with Stu, the stinkbug.

Teddy the Tarantula

Teddy the Tarantula

Carlee and Teddy the Tarantula

Carlee lay on her back. Her feet and legs splayed out as if she wanted a tummy rub. It was a sunny day without clouds. The sun felt warm on her fur. Carlee scratched her back by wriggling on the ground.

As Carlee wriggled, she saw something strange. She could only catch a glimpse because the wriggling was shaking her head back and forth. Carlee stopped wriggling and turned over. There was a spider. The biggest spider she had ever seen.

“Bark, Bark, Bark,” Carlee said to the strange spider.

The giant spider reared on his hind legs. Carlee was impressed. Most spiders scurried away so quickly. The humongous spider reared up again.

“Why do you stand so funny?” Carlee asked the spider.

“This is my scary stance.” Teddy the tarantula answered. “Usually when I do this other animals run away. I am very scary, Teddy said in a solemn tone.

“I like you,” Carlee said with a giggle. “Will you be my friend?”

Teddy was taken aback. No one had ever asked him to be their friend. He thought everyone was scared of him because of how he looked.

“Are you sh-sure you want to be my friend,” Teddy stammered out. “Usually when I stand up on my back legs everyone gets scared and runs away.” I thought no one would ever be my friend.

“No, I really want to be your friend,:” Carlee said with a big smile on her face. “I think you have spunk!”

Teddy thought for a moment. “If you want to be my friend, than I want to be your friend!”

Carlee’s human, Ara, watched as Carlee pushed the tarantula over with her nose, then jumped back when the tarantula stood up. Carlee barked in happiness. She had a new friend!

Carlee and Teddy playing.

Carlee and Teddy playing.

© 2020 Kari Poulsen

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