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Car Runs You Over

So, if we were going to do a unit conversion, here,

How many water wells in Africa and seeds `

Could you buy

For the price

Of a 'nice'

Looking car

That "seduces" you

Out of your reasoning skills

Just as easily as a handsome pickup artist?

While you ignore`

The guy in the corner

The car that’ll get you from point A to B

Without consuming your wallet

Like a gold-digger.

. . .

Money DOES grow on trees. Family trees.

Of the superwealthy 1%. They just pluck the fruits of their parent's labor.

Then they ship that fruit overseas

so the middle class has to pay all the taxes~

Can't really blame 'em though,

'Cause that's just what they're taught ta do

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

It's not cruelty, or in their genes

It's nurture and environment.

This environmentalist thinks

That's at least one tree

She wouldn't mind seeing severely pruned and trimmed

So the rest of the garden could absorb some sunlight.

. . .

A scruffy kindly lady asks me for a five dollar bill.

It allows her to sleep somewhere out of the cold chill.

I make exactly five dollars an hour, minus sales commissions.

I hold a little ceramic turtle in my hand.

I mean to give it to my pastor, who left our church.

It is eight dollars.

Who decided that a ceramic turtle

Was worth more than a lady’s shelter?

Were they same ones that

made a piece of fruit

cost more than a burger?


Were they the same ones that

would charge exorbitant amounts for a new car

while people in the world starve?


Were they the same ones that

support industries

while ministries

struggle to feed and empower?

Including myself?


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