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Talking To Me When I'm Lonely (Covid Fiction)

I was that loner kid who read comics when everyone else was playing, listened to the B-sides and watched old movies ... Now I write about it


What is it with guys?

Why do they always want to "talk" to you when you're looking your worst?

No makeup. No polish ...

It's like they figure, if they can tell you when you're "tore up from the floor up" that you're beautiful -- and make you believe it, then you'll fall for anything .... And maybe they are right. Because when that handsome morsel of a man started flirting with me ... Ok, i was caught off guard at first. But then, what he was saying started to sound good to me. And the more he said it, the better he looked. You know?

Me standing there with a jug of 2% milk in one hand and a package of lemon sandwich cookies in the other. Feeling like the ugly duck with ashy feet showing --flip flops-- and denim shorts that went to the knee but had, what I'm thinking was barbecue sauce on them; though it could have been nail polish. I'm not sure.

And him, talking all types of sweet talk to me; seducing me with his eyes, caressing me with his words ... (Sigh) .... Talked to me from the back of the line -- 5 people ahead of us -- by the fish sticks in the frozen section, all the way to the cashier.

Then he asked me if I drove.

I said, "No." That I lived up the street.

Then he asked if he could walk me home.

Walk me home ... Nobody had walked me home since Elementary school.

Plus,he had two big bags of grocery. The cloth reusable bags, not the plastic ones. So I asked him if he was sure. And he said, "Yeah".

So, he walked me home ... Five blocks.

And when we got to my apartment, I didn't want him to leave. So I invited him to rest a minute before he continued his walk home. Which was funny in a sense, because he'd need to walk up a long flight of stairs to take that rest. But he didn't complain. So who was I to retract my invitation?

Anyway, he came in and I offered to put his perishables into my refrigerator and we sat on the couch. And I slid out of my flip flops and sat on the edge of the couch. Not because I was scared, but because I was nervous ... I'd never invited a man inside of my apartment. So I was nervous and anxious and unsure, which resulted in me being fidgety and what not.

So we just sort of sat and I didn't know what to do with my hands or anything else, so I silently offered him the remote control so he could choose something for us to watch on television. And darned if he didn't find a block of Gilmore Girls reruns and we watched that. Which made me comfortable enough to sit back, because that was one of my most favorite shows and the fact that he seemed to like it as well, put me totally at ease.

So at ease that by the start of the third episode, we were kissing ...

Yes ... Kissing ...

Me and this stranger that I'd known for about 2 and a half hours at the most .... Yeah .... Kissing ... And it was good .... DARN good ....

And the more he kissed me, the more I wanted him to kiss me.

And the more he kissed me, the more I wanted .... period.

And what can I say ... Kisses turned into touches. And touches transformed into rubbing and stroking ... And ..... Oh boy .....

That "oh boy" will get you every time. Trust and believe what I'm saying to you. I know of what I am speaking.

That was late March ...

It wasn't until June that I realized that when he walked me home, he'd actually had a car and left it parked at the grocery store. Or that he'd dipped out to retrieve it on the following morning while I was fast asleep, to get donuts and coffee. Or that he'd basically lied to his wife, telling her that he got stuck over a buddy's house who he thought might have the virus and he didn't want to come home until he knew that he couldn't infect her . And then he gradually broke up their union to stay with me ... Yeah, I didn't find that out until June ....


© 2020 LaZeric Freeman

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