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Cake and I

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I enjoy writing of all forms so I decided to share them with you. Nothing fancy, nothing glamorous. Let's share the good the bad and the ugl


Ripping through red wrapping paper, I finally got my band shirts I had been bugging my mom for; Three Days away from Murder, and Birthday Massacre, finally.. He was supposed to be here to watch me try on these shirts and indulge in my small fashion show. As I tried everything on, I suddenly had this distant memory of him banging on my door yelling, “I made a mistake, please open the door.”

Hands still drenched in blood, dragging that man across his living room floor. wet gurgling noises, bubbled forth from the sad mans beaten mouth. Yeah a mistake, a mistake of letting me see. It was my own fault, I shouldn’t have popped by; i didn’t know it would end with me running home. Even when the bagging stopped, and the house fall silent, and i carried my tired body up to my room.

I didn’t want to spend the first half of my birthday curled up in my room; not knowing if I want to vomit or cry. With the magical help of sleep; passing out to be honest, I was able to pull myself together for my family.

No one had a clue what happened only hours ago. I still wanted him to be here, for some sick reason; like all those other years. He was my best friend. . It all felt so lonely.

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear Anna~

“Blow out your candles,” everyone yells.

I took a deep breath and blew out my candles, I smiled wide and wished for this day to be over. Not likely; at least I had cake; cake would never try to murder anyone.

© 2019 Angelina

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