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Journey up the Mountain

I am a travel writer, who loves adventure. I believe in the overall wellness of living your best life possible.


Back Roads, and Autumn Leaves

It was nice to get away. There was mist high on the mountain tops, and the more I drove the more relaxed I was. You could feel the cool morning breeze threw the car window, and hear the Autumn leaves rustling threw the trees. I knew this was exactly what I needed, after a long week of being on call. The next few days were mine. I decided I would head up to the cabin. It has been over a year since my last visit. The leaves were changing, and now they were at full color. Their couldn't have been a better weekend to go. It was late October, and I knew a change of scenery would be a good idea.

Simply to Relax

My plan was pretty simple, to stay a few nights. I wanted the whole weekend to read, relax, and go for walks in the morning by the stream. The mountains were beautiful this time of year, and all though it would take a while to get there, it was always worth the trip. This was a solitary trip, because I needed to clear my mind. The cabin had electricity, heat, and not much else. Sometimes the news, and continuous wi-fi can weigh on your mind. I think that is something a lot of people forget. They stay connected, and up to date with all the problems of the world no matter how horrible they may be, and its no wonder why people are so stressed. My goal had always been to stay grounded, and enjoy the beautiful aspects of living. In all honesty, everything is not all bad. A lot of people see things differently, but that's a matter of perspective.


The Country Market

The drive had been mostly narrow roads, and steep mountain peaks. Mist rose high above the valley below. I decided to stop at a small country market that sat a long side the road. It had small windows, a big porch with a swing, and a very friendly yellow dog. Pumpkins, squashes, and gords sat along side the little store. An older gentleman, wore a fishing hat behind the counter. They sold fresh fruit, jams, and pies. Also, a wide variety of other things someone might need. I got some apples, bread, things to make a salad, and a small handmade candle. Soon I was back on my journey.

The Cabin among the Maple Trees

I only had about an hour left to drive, and with the radio as my only companion it seemed to go surprisingly quick. I pull up to the dirt road where the small cabin sits camouflaged underneath the maple trees. I had forgotten how far back the road went into the forest. The air got cooler, and the sun glistened threw the dense canopy. I pulled up in front of the cabin, the air was crisp. You could hear the birds, the rushing water from the stream, and nothing else. There was not another person around for miles. The cabin looked a little worn out, but it was nothing I couldn't handle.


Enjoying the Sweet Moments in Life

I looked forward to a long weekend away. Who wouldn't want a break from the hectic pace of daily life. At some point, I need to make the choice to live a less chaotic life. One day, and soon. I made a promise to myself many years ago, to make time to enjoy the sweet moments in life. I walked up on the old wood porch, and opened the door. It smelled of cedar, and dust. I would quickly clean up, and air everything out. It wouldn't take long as the cabin was very small, but cozy. I remembered the intricate quilt on the bed, the small details along the cupboards, the old tea kettle, and the way the sun shined threw the kitchen window. I made a small fire, and went to sit out on the porch. It was calm here. Unlike so many other places in the world. I was finally relaxed, and content. The sun was setting, but you could still see the glistening on the trees. The fire crackled, and a little smoke rose up high above the trees. Sometimes life will try and keep you too busy to enjoy the the small things. Its all a journey, and in the end its moments like these that will matter the most.


© 2020 Savanna Riley

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