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Crystal, Magic and a Big Yes!


She said Yes!

A crescent moon-shaped pond with scores of multi-colored water lilies, and water deep but clear. You could see tiny little fishes swimming away to glory in the shade bestowed upon them by these lilies. Also, you could see a few frogs jumping around, and a few basking in the sun. During the day, one would see baby flies highly elated around the flowers, butterflies chasing each other midst the tiny bushes, and bees buzzing about everywhere. Birds chirping away, some would stop by to quench their thirst while some would stop by to greet their beloved friends. And yet, when it is up and about time for the sun to set and all of the mighty and the tiniest of the creation head back to their humble dwellings, I become extremely restless, thrilled and excitement is written all over my face and the moon knows the reason behind this jumpy behaviour of mine.

Now, you might wonder, why in the world am I happy about the sundown, isn’t it? Well, let me put it across to you in the form of a story. Don’t worry, I won’t really bother you with the intricacies. I’ll try pruning out excessively redundant details and try making this journey of yours with me a delightfully magical one. So keep pace with the story and you won’t lose sight of me even for a moment.


A few hundred years ago, there was no pond here, nor any tree. This land was barren with nothing much captivating or enchanting about it. The appearance was kind of empty, dry, and to frame it all in one word would mean ‘stagnation’. The only frequent visitor was the howling wind which was harsh and yet pitied us with its cold looks. I was then a baby sapling. When I made my way to the surface of the earth, I was expecting to catch the glimpse of everything that’d be beautiful and divine. On the other hand, what I witnessed was the dry earth and me being the only one to find my way through this obscurity which I know not to state precisely.


But somehow, deep within I felt very magical about myself and my existence. I was overjoyed about the fact that I made it, but wasn’t any, free from doubt about my survival. I held onto my deepest desire to live and promised myself to remain unshakeable, and optimistic. The foundation was laid and I stood the ground. In the mornings, I felt all fresh and super excited. It was like I had regained the sturdiness to face an entire day with zest. All thanks to a new friend whom I’d like to call – ‘Crystal’. She’s amazing. Each morning I wake up to find myself moistened with those delicate, sparkling, glassy drops on me and everywhere on the dry land. She does that faithfully every day. Every day I felt like talking to her, but I was very shy. I tried reaching out with my ‘pretty please’ sappy-hands, but they were so tiny and extremely timorous. I love Crystal! She makes me feel so loved. Ah! She was the love of my life. I loved the mornings because of her. The mid-afternoons brought in very unsettling feelings with the wild winds and the scorching heat of the sun. But I bore it all with patience, knowing that the comforting presence of the moon and the stars is not far away and that very soon I’ll be with my Crystal. Even as I lay exhausted on the ground, I dream of all the magical moments I’d get to spend with her. She’s like the prettiest jewel on me. I feel well-endowed, content, and adorable when she’s with me. She makes me feel complete and I love that feeling. How I wish I could reveal this pure white magic of her preciousness.

Barrenness turned into abundance

The once barren land now turned into abundance, with just a smidgen of love and friendship. Presence is all that matters. If nature can be so kind, why not we as humans be there for each other.

So, that was about Crystal and me. To tell the truth, I’ve never been able to tell her how I loved her. I’ve beaten my brain out for it, but somehow my innocent leafy heart concealed it and is under wraps to date. Yeah, right, but don’t feel bad for me. I have got to get you acquainted with many more extraordinary people in my life. Oh, right! Some are magical beings, some you might find to be mysterious, a couple of them may possibly leave you completely mesmerized while some very rare, influential, and thought-provoking beings might just challenge you or who knows potentially leave you to do some soul-searching. But right here, right now, this moment belongs to us - Crystal and me. The story is all about how she said YES to me.

Crystal made it all so easy for me. During the time between infancy to being a full-fledged tree, she journeyed with me. While the cruel wind, the insensitive strict sunny weather challenged me, made me well fortified, and armored me to face anything that came my way, she let me keep the tender and motherly side of me. She didn't just heal my dryness, but she healed the land. She moved about in her own gentle way, bringing life, beauty and restoration to the entire desolate land.

True Love

True Love conquers all. It requires constant efforts. One need not take giant leaps in love, just a baby step at a time in love, in kindness, in compassion and the magic is performed.


One day, I finally made up my mind to express my love towards her. I still remember that night. It was all glittery and sparkly.The moon was so kind to arrange for a bright starry night. The clouds were sent on a sabbatical for a brief period of time and the harsh wind extended his hand of friendship towards me. He blew in gently back and forth as if caressing me and assisted in creating a romantic atmosphere. It was time for my Crystal's arrival and I lay still as always. Although my heart was pounding inside with excitement. The moment she lay on me, this time, I turned back at her and told her that I loved her and I wept as I expressed it. She smiled at me, wiped my tears and gently laid there looking at me in the eye. Without giving a second thought, I asked her if she loved me and then she smiled again. And this time she glowed as she smiled and that magical sight warmed my heart. I asked her impatiently, "Will you marry me?" And she said "YES". My joy knew no bounds. I couldn't leap, but I swayed and swayed to my heart's content. I gently held her in the palm of my leaf and whispered to her in the gentlest voice, "I'll carry you in the palm of my leaf forever. I won't spill you, I won't hurt you, I won't abandon you and that my love for you won't ever fade away. Please promise me that you'll visit me every day without fail." And again she smiled and said, "YES". She hardly spoke, but I know she loved me more than I ever did. And since then, she was always there. Through my thick and thin, through days of shedding and gaining and in all other seasons of my life, she was there. She never left me alone. We created lovely memories.

Journey filled with blessings

Each of us are expected to make this journey not to be ashamed of but to be ready to receive blessings in abundance. It's all about self-discovery leading to a blessing-filled life, not only for oneself, but for each single life one might come in contact with. It's all about sharing this blessing and passing on the magical feeling of LOVE..

My neighbourhood was full of blossoms, colour, and vigour. It was no more a land which starved but a land of promise, blessings and filled with magic. All thanks to my love, my Crystal. Her selflessness created this spark between us and I'm still under the spell. That's my Crystal and that's our beautiful love story.

It's a journey

This magical journey is not just external but an inward journey of self discovery. It is to face the timid self within me and giving it the power to rise to the occasion in faith, with courage and with the hope that something beautiful is gradually going to emerge. This journey requires lot of patience and perseverance.

She was always there...


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