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Coloring a Living Picture

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.


It’s the lines that sees the story and colors carry the fluid of the pallet. It tells stories of long ago, so far off in the future. Sometimes present day thoughts get pushed away ‘til a later time. Denial is multiple types of lines inside the mind.

Shades of blues, greens and purples are my feelings of comfort and calm. Reds and oranges tend to raise my blood pressure and I feel a slight flush in my head along with thoughts of anger and confusion.

I love to draw pictures and color them into a life of their own. They utter a language all their own, speaking to me under a guise of love, light, and a feeling of inclusion to feed my beating heart.

Colors, lines and words speak to me in various visions deep inside my mind. As I dream in the night, the dreams make sense, but when I awaken they make no sense at all.

I feel superior intelligence across the threshold of a beautiful galaxy. I comprehend I’m being taught important lessons to help me with the future and beyond. To feel lost feelings from long ago and far away, I need to strengthen my resolve to endure the length of life. Believe that something much better awaits us on the other side of life.

As I sleep and dream I feel clarity of loving energy. Inside the feelings are lost memories. Memories of child like feelings. The need to cry, the need to cuddle, the need of a warm gentle touch. A wish to be carried away to a beautiful garden full of sage and lavender. I lay in the warmth of the summer sun as it blankets me with comforting satisfaction.

Life is ever moving on, constantly changing, always in motion. What is construed as confusion, anxiety, and instability on this side of reality, on another dimension is our heart’s anger. A darkness that keeps us restless and edgy.

There is a need for stability and equality among all people. Sincere like minded persons uniting together for the good of all the land and all the peoples. A need for prayer to heal the broken hearts, shattered minds and souls, a deepening need to turn away from old thoughts, and current lifestyles. A time to reflect and heal, a new hopefulness to carry on. The strength of a new faith. An ever loving higher power to lead the way, to trust our higher power with the hearts of children. To be ever devoted to the discipline of our higher power’s leading and to be treated with equality and respect. Will we ever see the day?

Turn away now before it’s too late.
Look to God to wipe the slate.
Prepare your heart, clear your mind, and stand by the gate.
Mankind has been waiting. How much longer do we wait?

Why did I dream what I drempt?
There was a lake, a beautiful park, and a river.
The children played nearby as the sun set.
Time to go now, time to go home.

Time to go to bed, time to dream.
Sleep now sweet child, dream of wildflowers.
They grow in the park near the river.
The hummingbirds drink their nectar. Did you see them?
They welcome little children to gaze upon their beauty and smell their intoxicating fragrance.

When the wildflowers wilt and die off they leave memories of their beauty.
One day when we arrive at the great gate, the buzzing hummers will welcome us in. No longer will we have to wait outside. As we take on our new essence we are forever changed from within and without.

So remember these changing times and don’t forget, there’s a loving higher power to lead us home. There is love, respect, and equality waiting on the other side of this reality. Join in the crusade of an ever loving, disciplined lifestyle and treat one another with the same love, respect, and equality that’s waiting for us on the other side.


© 2020 Laurie S Novak

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