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Butterfly Afternoon


The Roses are blooming just fine

The whole flower garden is awake

After a Winter's sweet slumbering

The fish are all jumping in the lake

Brown deer feeding in the meadows

Canadian Geese are flying overhead

A noisy woodpecker greets the noon

Ushering in bright April to warm June


Butterfly's wings are now all a flutter

Gathering nectar amid late day's due

Beautiful clouds float high overhead

Like a crystal cathedral of every hue

Grey squirrels all play in the tree tops

Chasing each other from limb to limb

Grasshoppers hopping in tall grasses

Green frogs croak as a joke on a whim


Bees all are humming in the glade

Humming bird's looking for shade

Garden spider's on his escapade

Crickets begin evening's serenade

This butterfly evening is not so bad

As I take my daily walk I am so glad

Absorbing this deep within my soul

It makes life to feel so free and whole