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Forever Home: Buddy the Cat finds One

I am a cat lover. I have had many cats and volunteer at a cat sanctuary. I love to see kitty-cats find their forever home.

My name is "BUDDY"


Snow covers the ground


Buddy is Cold

My feet are cold walking on this snow covered ground. I must find a warm place to sleep before the temperature drops below freezing.

The door to the factory is propped open a crack. I am going to sneak inside to warm my toes.

Finally, a chance to get warm with a nice cuddly place to sleep.

A few hours later I hear someone shouting "Get out of here! You don't belong! Scat!".

He chases me back out into the cold.

This is a typical day for me. I am a stray, ginger, tabby Cat.

Lunch Area


Buddy likes the Graveyard Shift

I anxiously look forward to the graveyard shift for my friend, Ron, always shares his lunch with me at break time. Then he pets my belly.

We are close friends. He calls me his Little Buddy.

Pet taxi


Buddy Gets Trapped Inside A Pet Taxi

The temperature is below zero. I am getting really cold. I am burrowed inside a cardboard box trying to stay warm.

I can hear Ron calling for me but I don't want to move. It's just too cold! But he keeps calling, "Buddy, Buddy where are you? Where did my little Buddy go?"

So, I make a mad dash to greet him.

"There's my little Buddy", Ron says, petting my cold head as he smiles.

"Buddy, I have some delicious treats for you.", says Ron, as he opens a zippered like bag that smells like chicken. Then he tosses a handful into a big plastic box that has a handle on top. I rush inside and begin gobbling them up. Suddenly he closes a door behind me.

The Truck Buddy Rides Inside


Buddy Gets to Take a Ride

I forget about the treats and begin crying loudly, but he pays no attention.

"It is okay little Buddy. You are in a pet taxi. You are safe", says Ron.

He carries this taxi with me in it to a big grey metal thing on wheels. He calls it a truck. He opens the door and gently puts the pet taxi on the front seat next to him. I am meowing loudly but he ignores my pleas and drives away.

I am so frightened. I am trapped in a cage, inside a metal thing on wheels that is traveling on a road.

Wood Floor


Buddy's Paws Touch a New surface

Finally the truck stops. "We are home little Buddy", says Ron.

He carries this makeshift kitty crate pet taxi into the house carefully placing it on the floor.

Unlatching the door he begins coaxing me, "Come out little Buddy. It's safe. You can come out now".

One paw at a time I begin my exit onto a strange floor made of wood. I love the way it feels on my toes. It's warm and firm. Not bumpy like gravel.

Buddy in the Family Room


Buddy Explores His New House

As the warm air hits me in the face, I feel warm and cozy. I begin to feel safer and start exploring.

Each room feels different. The one where I smell food has a shiny slick floor. He calls it the kitchen.

"Here little Buddy", says Ron. "Here is some food and water." as he places two bowls on the floor.

I take a drink then begin roaming again.

The next room he calls the family room. The floor is soft, plush and warm reminding me of my momma's fur.



Buddy is Safe in His Forever Home

"Here little Buddy, come sit with me." Ron says as he pats his hand on this thing he calls a couch. I jump up, curling up beside him and he gently strokes my fur.

"Welcome to your new home Buddy. I'm your Dad. I will take care of you from now on", Ron says as he drifts off to sleep.

Suddenly I feel safe. I no longer have to worry about where to sleep or having food in my belly to eat. I am so happy. I have found a forever home.

I am his little Buddy. I stretch out my paws onto my Daddy's chest and fall fast asleep.




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