Bubba Busts a Move

Updated on July 4, 2019
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Judy has had cats for over 40 years as well as dogs. Bubba stories are about friends' cat but are reality-based fiction.


Bubba Has A New Home

Bubba was pretty sure he had not given permission to be moved from his high rise apartment. There he had a great view, particularly of flying birds. But here he was in a new house with his servants. Bubba was not a great fan of new things.

Bubba started exploring. There were comfy chairs in the new living room and a window to look out, but it was on ground level so he thought he probably would not see many birds flying.

He walked into the kitchen, which was light and airy, but he really didn't see anything he thought was special until he saw his food and water bowls. Thank goodness (and his servants,) he would not starve or die of thirst.

He found the same table from his previous home and that he knew was at a convenient height for looking outside. He didn't bother getting on it for now, though.

Next, Bubba found the bathroom and his kitty box, so he would not have to worry about where to make his personal deposits. There was a nice, fluffy small rug, too, which he found very comfortable.

Heading down the hall, Bubba found several bedrooms before he found his master bedroom. The bed was adequately placed and made up for him. He also allowed his servants to sleep with him on his bed. He knew some cats did not share with their servants but he found them pleasant and convenient to have nearby.

Further exploring led Bubba to find a feature that was unique in his experience and made the whole move worth while; a screened porch! He carefully sniffed every inch of it and explored the fixtures that seemed adequate and comfortable for his lounging. Even better, he was almost outdoors and could smell and see lots of grass as well as the creatures that passed through his yard. He established himself on a chaise lounge and settled down to watch the yard.

Bubba had been dozing just a little when he became aware of a scent blowing toward him through the screen. He perked up and looked around. A rabbit! Bubba's instincts awakened and he jumped off the lounger and quickly moved up to the screen itself. Sitting in his yard was a cottontail rabbit! Bubba made little "Ick-ick-ick" sounds that cats make when they are excited.

The rabbit looked up at the sound and saw his observer, but having lived in the neighborhood for almost two years, the rabbit knew he was safe from cats and dogs confined in the screen porches. Mr Rabbit took his time ambling on to the next yard to look for tasty greens.

Bubba decided he approved of his servants' choice of a new house for him and he walked back in to find them and let them know he was happy there.


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