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Bubba Arrives At The Rainbow Bridge

Bubba Loves a good Christmas Tree


Bubba at The Bridge

Bubba woke up suddenly from a long sleep. Stretching and blinking, he realized that the stretching didn't hurt. In fact, it felt as good as it did when he was a kitten!

Looking around, he saw that it was sunny and he was OUTDOORS. He hadn't been outdoors in years! His humans had never let him roam outdoors because they said it was dangerous. Piffle! He didn't sense any danger around him at all.

Looking farther afield, he realized he was lying in a lovely green meadow with a beautiful bridge in the background. Yikes! He saw a band of dogs and cats funning towards him from the fields around him.

Bubba jumped up ready to fight, but they all stopped a little way away from him. He wondered why and realized he could ask them. Wow! He spoke up and asked where he was and where were his humans, because he missed them.

A lovely Calico cat moved up beside him and explained. He said, "Bubba you are at The Rainbow Bridge."

"I don't understand," Bubba said. "Last I remember, my humans were holding me and they were crying and seemed to be very sad, but I don't know why."

The cat explained further, "When our time on Earth is done, when we have used up our 9 cat lives, we come to this place before the bridge you see there. It's The Rainbow Bridge and it leads into Heaven."

Bubba thought about that and said, "Well, then we should cross the bridge and go on to Heaven."

His instructor said, "Not yet, but we will when our time comes to go into Heaven."

Bubba asked him when that would be and how would they know it was time to go. He also said he didn't see his humans anywhere."

The Calico cat said, "Those two things are how our heavenly lives happen here. We play in the fields and meadows here, where none of us are enemies and chasing is all just in fun. We do that until our own special humans leave life on Earth and come here to cross into Heaven. When one of your humans comes to cross over, you will greet them and then cross over together where you will both wait in another nice place until your other humans arrive, unless you only had one human. If that's the case, you and your human will go together to find your special place in Heaven."

Bubba asked what happens if a cat or dog or other pet had no humans on Earth to come take them into Heaven.

His mentor explained that in that case, if some human had been kind to them, maybe rescued them or just fed them and cared, they would cross over when that kind human came to heaven.

Bubba said, "Then I will be glad to see my humans but I don't want them to come up too soon as they have other things to do on Earth still."

Bubba then started looking around and asked his instructor how to find another cat named Zena.

The Calico laughed and said, "We have many cats and dogs named Zena, but I think I know which one you mean. Follow me."

Bubba bounded off across the fields with his mentor. Happily realizing how well he felt, better than he had in years. He thought how happy he would be to find Zena & that they would then wait together for their humans to come claim them.

The End

Judy Ward 12.27.2020