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Brotherly Love

Killian looked at the sticky object in his hand and felt calmer.

Killian walked over towards the window and reflected on his surroundings. Boxes everywhere, things yet to be put in boxes. Rotting wallpaper. This place - their childhood home. He had always hated it here.

In his peripheral vision he could see something in the kitchen, or rather someone. It was the figure of his brother - Neil.

Killian sighed, looked over his reflection and walked towards his brother.

Killian stopped in the doorframe of the kitchen and examined his brothers face.

"Look we're both here because of them so please do not have another 'all about me' moment." Neil spat out

Killian looked towards him. "Neil, have I ever mentioned I always wanted to be a only child. I always wished you were dead. Every morning when I would wake up the first thing I would do is look to see if you were dead yet."

The two men looked at one another for a moment.

Neil suddenly broke the eye contact with a punch towards his brother. Killian blocking it and stepping forward reached towards a knife in one of the open boxes.

He hit Neil. He hit Neil over and over again.

Moments later Neil was dead.

Footsteps. Down the hall.

"Neil, Killian. How are you boys doing? Do you need any help?"

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