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Breathing In Someone Else's Air


The Wind Carried Me Further

Your word of love was thrown at me like a boulder, causing a massive earthquake through my body.

But your earthquake didn't destroy my foundation.

Your word of love was skipped into my steady pond causing the tiniest ripples of enlightenment.

But your skipped rock didn't shatter my ecosystem.

Your word of love felt like having the color return my body.

But your color didn't alternate my incredibly pigmented hue.

Your word of love was gusted to me quicker than a tornado rips apart an entire town.

But your tornado didn't tear a shutter from the windows of my mind.

Your word of love was burning down forests across landscapes that took years to construct.

But your fire didn't blaze a single trail in my emerald fields.

I am tired of love being nothing more than constantly trying to be the person you're not for the person you want to be with.

And so, I will be myself.

Carrying the shameless pieces of my universe on two feet that do not trip, or walk backwards, or waiver.

I am me.

And you are not welcome to be a part of that.

© 2017 Xandra Lang

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