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Boredom of King Prento - Response to Word Prompt

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Every week Brenda Arledge is providing us a word for inspiring us to write some creative content on it and for the week-40 she has given us the word 'Boredom'. This is a common word and evokes so many feelings in our mind. I have also tried to conceive a story of a young king who had some occasional bouts of boredom and thought to fight with it in some unique way and during that he had undergone some new situation gaining new experiences.

Boredom of king Prento

Prento was the young king of the kingdom of Aalazina, a kingdom that existed thousands of years back in the periphery of Savana grasslands in the northern part of Asia. Like his father, who died in an accident in the jungle while on a hunting trip, Prento was very intelligent and knew how to take care of the kingdom and its people. He was very energetic, ambitious, and had enough foresight regarding the relations with the nearby kingdoms with whom his father always kept good relations and had benefited in a variety of trading and business matters with them.

Prento's court consisted of 6 Ministers who were looking after the various aspects of running the kingdom and came to take the help of the king only when it was beyond their capabilities. One of them Rabiro was very close to the young king and Prento often took his advice even in personal matters. Prento's father had six queens and so far Prento had only two and there was enough scope to go for more queens if Prento wanted so. Rabiro advised him to go for the third queen and told him that he would get information on the most beautiful girl in the kingdom so that the young king could ask her parents in the most traditional ways for marrying her to him. Anyway, Prento was not very much interested in having so many queens and told Rabiro not to hurry in the matter.

The young king was running the show in a nice way with the help of his Ministers and other staff but there were occasions when he felt alone and bouts of boredom fell on him and enveloped him so much that he sometimes felt uneasy under its spell. One day he called Rabiro and shared with him about these occasional bouts of boredom that had perturbed him from time to time. Rabiro just laughed and respectfully told him that probably he had to do some exciting and interesting thing so that the mind is occupied and the question of boredom does not arise. Prento was just thinking about what could be such a job that would bring excitement back in his life. He asked Rabiro if he could help in the matter. Rabiro had so many things under his sleeves and he was so confident while making suggestions that many people honoured him just because he was like that and was helping and guiding everyone who asked him something in a question form.

Rabiro advised the young king that being a king it is his duty to find out in the first person whether the people in his kingdom were really happy or not. For that, he had to make himself disguised and travel alone in the remote villages faking something like a wandering trader or salesman for some common goodies and then find out the condition of the people. Prento gave a thought to it and found that it was really a very exciting proposition.

Prento informed everyone that he would be going out alone to a place of worship for a few days to pay respect to the soul of his late father and he would not like anyone to accompany him. So, a few days later he took his horse and left for the said place though actually, he went to Rabiro's house where he was transformed with makeups, dress, and other methods as a salesman selling miscellaneous goodies in the remote places in the kingdom.

The same night Prento silently slipped out of the Rabiro's house and started to sample some of the villages one by one in his kingdom. In general, he saw that people were working hard in the fields and were happy with their conditions and there were no beggars or recluses found anywhere and things seemed to be quite well and he felt pride in the past work and administration of his father that the condition of the people in the kingdom was satisfactory. Prento was covering a sample village out of a cluster of so many and was smoothly going ahead with his combing observations.

One day while leaving a village for going to another cluster he saw a group of young girls collecting some fruits from a plantation site. He passed through them and then he saw the girl who was putting some fruits in a big sack and then when she straightened up and faced him, Prento just stopped. The girl was exquisitely beautiful. The villagers usually gave a smile to the visiting salesmen whenever they came to sell some goodies which were not available locally. So, the girls saw Prento and were giving a respectful smile to him. He reciprocated in the manner a salesman should do and moved ahead. Something happened to him. The smile of that beautiful girl. It was fabulous. It had captivated the king and he was not able to sweep away from his mind. Even a Goddess would not have that type of smile. He stopped. He went back. The girls were a bit surprised seeing him. He asked them if they could give him a few fruits as he felt hungry. They immediately gave him a handful of them and then he got an opportunity of seeing that particular girl from close quarters and yes he was not mistaken. She was so charming. Was it possible on Earth for someone to be so beautiful? It was really a great work of art if God had created her so beautiful. He said thanks to them and again the girls smiled and this time the young king was really got bitten particularly by the smile of that beautiful girl and at the spot decided that she deserved to be his queen.

During the next few days, Prento completed his survey and on the last night of his adventure returned to Rabiro's house and again got himself back to the king's attire. The next day he called Rabiro and confided with him about the girl and sought his advice in the matter. Rabiro simply told him that as per the tradition he had to send an invitation to her parents that he wanted to marry her and naturally they would be very happy and give her for serving the king and becoming a queen in the process.

A messenger was sent to the parents of the girl to inform them about the proposal but instead of getting the confirmation, the father of the girl came to see the king. This was unusual and generally considered in bad manners but Prento was a patient person and he allowed the father to meet him. Girl's father was a very simple and meek person and told him that he would be more than happy for the proposition and he also knew that his daughter was the most beautiful girl ever seen by anyone but the only hitch was that she was deaf and dumb since birth. Prento was shocked to hear that. Now he remembered while other girls exchanged a few words with him during that encounter that particular girl simply smiled a few times and did not utter a single word. Prento was now disturbed. He felt ashamed of himself that the way he was thinking about the father of the girl not obeying his orders.

Prento asked the girl's father to go back and was feeling sad for the whole episode. The girl was still in his mind and he was not able to forget her innocent face and more innocent smile.

Rabiro could understand the king's sadness and consoled him that there were so many beautiful girls and he would search them for the king. Prento did not respond to him but told him that he had decided to marry that girl in spite of her physical deficiencies. Rabiro was surprised. It was against the tradition for a king to marry to such a girl. But Prento had decided and finally the girl's parents were informed about that and the young king married with the girl and she became his silent queen.

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