Blues in the Rain

Updated on September 1, 2019

"This city, I remember a time where the streets were safer, cops could actually be trusted. But guess it's true what they say, money is the root of all evil." That's what I always said, been years and those words still ring in my head.

Seems every night it pours, like the city itself is crying for what it has turned into. I wouldn't blame it. Feels like the whole damn town has been run through the gutter, with no real way of fixing it.

Cars speed by down the streets, been a few times a few folks got hit cause of it. Even the people you'd think would want the city to change have turned into bout bad of people as the thugs themselves.

Walked into a local bar, one of the few places in town that aren't ran by the mafia or held up by some gangbanger's. Walked in and sat down, band on stage was playing some smooth jazz. Gotta say that has always been my favorite kinda music, something about the sounds really touch my soul ya know?

"Hey Jack, what can I get ya hun?" Asked Jen, she had been the bar owner here for years, bought it off some sleazy guy that used it as a strip joint with some darker things happening behind the scenes. "Whiskey on the rocks, hold the ice can ya?" I told her, "Sure thing Jack." She responded before she walked off. Jen was a good looking woman even in her early forties, like alot of people she had wanted to get out of this town but had no luck. For one reason or another it didn't seem like anybody could leave, unless you were willing to pay off the gangsters or had enough money to up and run. Not many people did though.

"Here Jack, hows the detective work hun?" She asked, hate to say it but I had been laid off. This town wasn't meant for a guy who was willing to actually fight for the law, the right side of it anyways. "Was laid off Jen, the captain framed me on one trumped up charges, no way I was getting outta that one unscathed." I replied.

We sat quiet for a few minutes, nothing but the sounds of soft piano notes and the deep saxophone notes. "I should have gotten outta here when I had the chance hun, no place I can go now." Jen said and I nodded, but before I could even say a word a group of thugs came rushing in guns a blazing. Wasn't uncommon really, thugs ran around everywhere thinking they owned the damn place.

I got up as fast as I could, pushing Jen down to avoid the shots that came pouring in from the door. "You need to get the Hell out of my bar!" Jen yelled, grabbing her twelve gauge she kept hidden underneath the cash register for stuff like this. It may have been six guys to this one gal but he took a few of them down with her, didn't matter in the end though, she was shot down too.

Me? I was laid up on the counter, feeling that hot liquid run down my right shoulder and back, hey they never said saving lives was going to be easy right? Just kinda hoped Jen would still be alive.

The guys who weren't blown away stormed in, robbing who they could and taking whatever money that was in the cash register. Was a good amount, Jen probably could have gotten out if she wanted to.

That sweet sound of jazz wasn't there anymore, no, it was replaced by screams and sounds of the sirens coming down the streets. I gotta admit I blacked out once or twice, kinda hard to stay focused when you've been shot a few times right?

I caught glimpses of the cops coming in, those thugs stuck around, go figure. Bit of money was exchanged before the guys who shot up the place ran off, can't say I didn't see that coming either. Those cops took one look at me, may have been fired but sure as hell wasn't that long ago, guess they figured without me in the picture nobody could say what actually went down.

"Take him outside, make it look like the gangs did it." I heard one say, at this point I didn't even have enough strength to even fight back.

They had their guns trained on me but I held up my hand best I could, "Can I...just have a quick...smoke yeah?..." I remember asking, they gave one to me though. Guess somewhere inside they still had a little bit of heart left. That rain was pouring down now though, washed away all the blood before it even had time to dry. I put that cigarette to my lips, took my lighter out, couldn't light the damn thing. My luck right? Guess them boys in blue weren't all that bad, they lit it for me. Took one deep inhale, smoke burned but for whatever reason it just felt relaxing to me. All that rain came down on my like a waterfall, clothes soaked to the bone, but still wasn't my worst day ever.

That cigarette was the best part about that night, I looked up and saw the barrel of a gun and then nothing.

No sounds of blues anymore.


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    • Thomas Finney profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Finney 

      10 months ago

      Why thank ya.

    • mygoblin profile image

      Shey Saints 

      10 months ago from Philippines

      Interesting short story! Thank you for sharing this!


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