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Blue, With a Touch of Green

By AquaSixio

By AquaSixio

I remember snow.
It was my first memory.
And I remember sunlight shining
through my window like a fogged dream.

You always wondered how I could smile,
Even through the dark.

Snow was my retreat,
And sunlight my ark.

You started off as the Girl of Scarlet Song,
Because red was the flame I saw in you.

But red isn't what I see in you anymore.
It's blue, with a touch of green,
Like the walls of our home that one summer dream.

It was a glimpse, a keyhole view of the life
I could've had with you.

Now when I think of happiness,
I don't see sunlight or snow.
I see a girl smiling at me on our bed,
Reminding me of the life we still have ahead.

I see my own infinity, because you gave me eternity.
And now snow and sunlight isn't what I see
When I find myself short of happiness' remedy.

What I see is blue, with a touch of green.
I see My Love, My Heart, a girl now forever:

My Aquamarine.

© 2017 Arthur Gulumian