Big Red

Updated on May 15, 2018
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Big Red

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Big Red

Red has a job working construction in the Midwest. He has lived in a dominantly European American area all his life and has never seen any other races. Due to his small world he lives under a rock that consists of narrow minded point of views. His escapade with alcohol turns his life upside down.

Big Red: What did they do this Time?

Big Red just so happen to be watching African American gangster movies and thinks that all African Americans carry the same personality types as in the movie.

As the day passes into night he watches a fake news network

Fake News: Watch out for those male African American's, they're all violent.

This comment confirms his beliefs of what he grew up with hearing about African Americans.

The next day big red goes to work drunk.

Boss: Your drunk again. You messed up a frame last time. We can't have any more mistakes. I'm going to have to let you go.

Big Red: You mean I'm fired.

Boss: Yep, get your things and leave, we have had to many incidences with you.

Big Red spreads off running a red light on the way home.

His days turn into weeks, and weeks into months. He sits slouching on his recliner with a bear in his hand watching television. He goes to a few bars watching sports passing time. Then the next day:

Big Red: Snoring

Rent man: Open up I know you're in there.

More hard knocking.

Big Red stumbles out of bed headed for the door.

He burps into the landlord's face

Big Red: What do you want

Rent man: Your two months late with the rent, if you don't pay up your getting an eviction notice. I have given you time, you should have taken advantage of the time I gave you.

Big Red calls his sister that lives in Alabama

Elly: You can come live with me, but your going to have to sober up and get a job.

Big Red moves in with is sister and is not used to the mixed-race community that she lives in. He sweats bullets every time he sees a group of African American males.

Sitting on the front porch with is sister, he stares at the African American neighbors across the street.

Elly: Why are you staring at them like that. Are you racists like moma and dad were? You know mom and dad wasn't exposed to the world enough and had misconceptions about other races.

Big Red: Mom and dad was right, I don't trust those people. They are animals.

Elly: Little brother you need to change your ways. There are good and bad people in all races.

One day Big Red is watching fake news in his room and is hyped up with criticism. He sits on the porch and sees a group of African American teens get into a car. He is paranoid and follows the car.

Big Red: They are trying to make trouble.

The car drives to a community college. He reaches for a shot gun and shoots at the car. Everyone in the area runs and braces for cover. He is apprehended by security and police arrive. No one got hurt.

Spending time in jail awaiting his court date.

Judge: Why did you shoot into a car on college campus.

Big Red: I was protecting everyone from a bunch of hoodlums.

Judge: Do you know the young men you shot at.

Big Red: No, but I know their dangerous

Judge: if you don't know them but their dangerous, where did you get the idea that they are dangerous. The group of young males was dropping their brother off to school.

Big Red: The news alerted me that they all are dangerous your honor.

Judge: You mean to tell me, you listen to a news channel that told you that all African Americans are dangerous. So, my bailiff standing here on the side of me, is he a hoodlum to, or do you see what you want to see.


Judge: Answer me. You can't answer me can you. You having some cognitive dissonance there. You don't need to be in jail. You need to be under mental observation.

Big Red is sent to a mental institution.


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