Beyond Evil

Updated on June 10, 2018

Paul pulled into the dirt driveway of the beach house that their family have been looking into moving into for weeks. They got out of the car and looked at the building, it was old. They found out that it had been built in the early 1930s. June looked around and asked their four-year-old daughter if she wanted to take a look at the ocean before they walked inside.

Patsy screamed with joy as she looked out over the ocean. “Can we walk down to the beach?” she asked. June let her know that they had to go inside the house and get settled before, then they would spend some time on the beach.

The door creaked as they opened it. The house had a musty smell because it had been closed up for years. They opened some of the windows and left the door open. They looked around down stairs then went upstairs to unpack their suitcases. Patsy liked her room, but she seemed to sense that she was not alone.

The family had all of their clothes put in the dressers, just as the moving truck backed into the driveway. They got all of their furniture and boxes into the house by early afternoon. June found the box marked ‘kitchen stuff’ got everything put away in the kitchen. Patsy came in and said, “Can we walk down to the beach now, please?”

Paul and June smiled at her and said that it was a good idea, things could wait. They walked down to the beach and Patsy was playing in the sand and picking up sea shells. Paul and June looked out over the ocean. It looked so pretty to them. June hugged Paul and remarked, “I’m so glad we decided to move here. It was then that June looked up toward the house and was sure she saw someone in Patsy’s room. She told Paul and Patsy that she had to go back to the house, they could stay there for a while longer if they wanted.

June walked into the house and immediately went to Patsy’s room. She walked in and looked around. Was her eyes playing tricks on her? She was sure she saw someone peering out of the window when they were on the beach. She looked in Patsy’s closet and nothing. June suddenly got a strange feeling like someone poured a bucket of cold water on her. She went back to the beach and joined Paul and Patsy.

It was night and all were in the living room. Finally at nine o’clock June said to Patsy, “It has been a long day, I think it is time you go to bed.” Patsy didn’t want to but she really was tired so she climbed the stairs to her room. Paul and June talked late into the night and decided it was time for them to go to bed too. As they walked past Patsy’s room they saw light shining under the door. June looked at Paul and he just shrugged his shoulders. June slowly opened the door and looked inside. There was no light and Patsy was sound asleep in her bed. Paul said, “That was really strange." June told Paul about what she had seen when they were on the beach earlier. Paul and June laid in bed a long time before they fell asleep.

Paul woke up first and thought he would go downstairs and put the coffee on to brew. As he walked past Patsy’s room, he heard voices. He put his ear to the door and it appeared Patsy was talking to someone. He opened the door and Patsy was sitting up in bed. She looked at Paul and said, “You scared her away, daddy.” Paul looked around and no one was there.

“Who did I scare away, honey?”

“My new friend, she is the same age as I am.”

Paul replied, “There is no one here. Maybe you were just having a dream. It is early, why don’t you go back to sleep for a little longer.”

“Ok, daddy I will.”

Paul was sitting at the kitchen table as June walked in. “What is it, Paul? You look like you have seen a ghost.”

He told her what had happened earlier. June gasped and said, ‘OMG, do you think it is a ghost, Paul.”

“I don’t know, but it was strange. Then the light under the door last night and what you saw when we were on the beach. I’m worried, June.”

The rest of the day was uneventful. They spent a lot of time on the beach. June kept look up toward the house, especially at Patsy’s room. However, she saw nothing.

Later that night Paul and June were in the living room and Patsy was playing in her room. They heard Patsy walking down the stairs and were going to tell her to get back upstairs to get ready for bed. She walked off the stairs and around the corner to the living room. Patsy was holding the hands of a little girl. Patsy said, “This is my friend, Willow.”

Willow was almost transparent and sea weed was draped over her shoulders and her face appeared to be covered with mud. Paul and June were visibly shaken. As Patsy and Willow was walking toward them, Willow faded away. Patsy said, “Where did you go, Willow. I like her mommy and daddy.” Patsy was sent to her room.

Paul and June were awake in bed for the longest time. Several times they walked in the hallways to see if there was any light or sound coming from Patsy’s room. Nothing was seen or heard. June, finally said, “What do you think, Paul?”

“I don’t know,” he said. “You saw what I did downstairs last night.”

Finally, they fell asleep for a few hours. They woke up at about the same time and went to the kitchen to have some coffee. Patsy and Willow walked into the room holding hands. They both had eyes as red as a stop light. Patsy said, “Goodbye, mommy and daddy.”

Willow added, “Don’t worry, I will take care of her.” Then she laughed with the most chilling sound. Patsy and Willow turned and walked away. They walked toward the beach, hand in hand. Paul and June ran after them. “Stop, please stop,” they kept screaming.

Patsy and Willow ignored them and continued toward the ocean. A distance from the ocean Paul and June caught up to them. They grabbed onto Patsy and Willow. It was like Patsy and Willow had superhuman strength. As young as they were Paul and June could not keep them from moving. Patsy and Willow were standing knee deep in the water when they turned around and saw Paul and June holding tightly onto them. They laughed, turned around and continued into the ocean water. Paul and June would not let go. None of them were ever to be seen again. As they all went under water a figure pulled back the curtain in Patsy’s room and smiled an evil smile with eyes hot as coals. It said to himself, “More of you are now in my home.”

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    © 2017 Larry W Fish


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      • clivewilliams profile image

        Clive Williams 

        16 months ago from Jamaica

        nice story. Impressive

      • Janet Kuplinski profile image

        Janet Kuplinski 

        17 months ago

        Oooh...eerie. This is in the same vein as some of your earlier work, which I enjoyed. Keep writing.


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