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Beginning, Middle, and the Twist

It was late night in a little town called Smithville. In a little house down by the lake a young lady was trying to finish her homework assignment that was due the next day. Her parents were gone on a valentines trip until late July. The year was 2024. As the night grew shorter she heard a knock at her door. ¨That's odd, who would be out here at this time.¨ she says to herself. As she approaches her door she feels a dark feeling so she grabs her baseball bat that she keeps close to her door in case of an emergency. She slowly opens her door, ¨Who's there?¨ she asks, with her voice shaking. She looks down only to see a VCR tape on the floor. The tape across it said, ¨Only for eyes of Cherry.¨

She is confused on what it is but looks it up and then she remembers she has an old VCR player in her storage. She dusts it off and gets it set up. She puts it into the machine, she sees a video of her sister that had died only two years before. ¨Lilly?¨ she says to herself. She soon hears footsteps running behind her. ¨Who's there?¨ The sounds seem to be getting closer, she calls out again,¨Who's there? Show yourself!¨

She runs for the door, but it seems to be locked from the outside in. She runs to the windows but they seem to be glued shut. Kat slowly turns around as she hears a voice call out her name, ¨Kat, help me. Kat please help me.¨ She recognizes that voice, ¨Lilly? Is that you?¨ Kat turns the kitchen light on and sees Lilly, her face scarred as if something had attacked her. ¨Lilly, I don't understand you're supposed to be dead.¨ Kat moves closer and Lilly calls out, ¨I am.¨ Lilly soon disappears with an unsettling smile.

Kat wakes up and feels a bit of soreness in her arms. She looks down and sees hand prints as though someone had grabbed her too hard. She gathers her things and rushes to school. On her way to school she tries to gather her thoughts. As she enters school the clock in the hallway says, ¨Get to Class.¨ People pass in the hallway, and she see's Lilly. Kat watches Lilly walk to the girls bathroom. She follows her but is stopped by Principal Button. ¨Miss. Kurts, my office.¨

In Mr. Button's office tells her,''Miss. Kurts I understand that you recently lost your sister but you need to get your head straight.¨ Kat looks up at Mr. Button, ¨I mean no disrespect but I was just wanting to use the bathroom. And if you are going to keep me from doing my business then I am sorry Mr. Button I will have to report you to the head administration and you wouldn't want me doing that, will you?¨ Mr. Button excused her back to class.

¨Miss. Kat, you are late.¨ Mrs. Witherstone told her. ¨I have been having a bit of an off day and Mr. Button stopped me from using the bathroom, so you tell him I said thank you for making me late to class.¨ Kat walked to her seat, as she was walking her classmates looked at her in fear. Her eyes had a hint of red in them. Kat has always been a nice girl, but today she felt different. Was it the lack of sleep? Was it that horrible nightmare that keeps haunting her?

A couple days later, Kat showed up at school and her eyes were red, like cherries. She went into her class and took her seat, she looked out the window and saw Lilly. ¨Mrs. Witherstone,¨ she said raising her hand,¨Can I use the bathroom?¨ She walked in the bathroom and realized she felt dizzy, soon she was lying unconscious on the floor. While she was unconscious she looked in the mirror and she saw that instead of being Kat, she was Lilly. A couple girls walked in and gathered around her. ¨Oh look who it is, Lilly Billy.¨ Lilly tried leaving but the girls grabbed her hair and took turns punching her.

Kat soon woke up and she was in the nurse's office. Mr. Button walked in and said,¨You had an accident in the bathroom and we found you unconscious on the floor with hand prints on your arms and around your neck.¨ She looked shocked and then a sheriff walked in. ¨Miss. Kat Kurts, I am Sheriff Lunar, can you tell me what happened?¨ Kat told him everything she remembered.

As the night became shorter a knock on Kat´s door was heard. She slowly approached the door with a burning and fear in her heart. She turned the knob and opened the door only to see a picture of Lilly being held by the throat by a person in black. She turned it over and the words on the back read, ¨We know what you did?¨ She closed the door and locked it. As she got into bed she heard pebbles being thrown at her window. She ignored it the best she could and went to sleep.

Soon it was morning and she awoke to a brick being thrown through her bedroom window. It had a note attached to it. ¨It wasn't an accident.¨ When she was on her way to school she looked in her rear view mirror, she saw Lilly and looked in the back seat, and then she looked back to the road and she swerved to miss the truck and crashed into the tree. She awoke in the hospital and Lilly was by her bedside. ¨Kat. It's so good to see you.¨ Kat sat up, ¨Lilly, where am I? Why are you here?¨ In a blink of an eye Lilly was gone and the nurse had come in. ¨Miss. Kat its so good to see you awake.¨

Kat went home two days later, but something was different about her. Her eyes were dark red, her hair was white, and she had no more bruises. Kat wanted to know what was going on with her so she was looking at old pictures of Lilly. In the pictures Lilly had white hair and red eyes and she had freckles on her face. She looked different then what she looks like when Kat sees her. During the late night Kat heard a knock at her door. She quickly runs downstairs to try to catch the mysterious person leaving these items at her doorstep.

As she opened the door she received another VCR tape. The video was Lilly and Kat just a few days before Lillie's death, the thing was, Kat doesn't remember them ever hearing Lilly actually died but only she had gone missing. She watched the tape all night and tried to figure out if there was a message or anything. Lilly had white hair and red eyes. Kat had black hair and blue eyes. ¨Kat, can you hear me?¨ someone asked from the kitchen. ¨Lilly?¨ Kat replied. ¨Why did you kill me, I told you I will get revenge.¨

Kat, replayed the tape but this time she noticed a message Lilly had written in the chalkboard in the background. It read, ¨You took my life Kat, and now I will take yours.¨ Kat felt a sting in her back and when she turned around, Lilly had a bloody knife in her hands. ¨The only way to become me again is to kill the person who ended my life.¨ Kat fell to the floor. ¨Lilly, why?¨ Lilly looked at Kat,¨You killed me, don't you remember. I was beat up in the bathroom by the people you considered as friends. When you walked in the bathroom and saw them beating me up you laughed. Later that night, we were at home and you stabbed me in the heart with a kitchen knife.¨ Kat said, ¨I don't remember that.¨ Lilly said,¨Think harder. You wanted me dead because you knew I saw you kill our parents.¨ Kat couldn't believe what she was hearing.

Kat took the knife out of her back,¨I will not believe you, mom and dad are on a vacation.¨ ¨No they arent and you know it,¨ Lilly exclaimed, ¨You killed them and the only way to get my life back is if I kill the person that killed me.¨ Kat screamed, ¨Lilly no!!¨

When the deed was done, Lilly took off her mask and under the mask was no other than Mr. Button. He put down the knife and took off his gloves and got rid of all the evidence as much as he could. He hovered over Kat's body, ¨My dear Kat, you were always like your dad. Rest in peace my young friend.¨ He kisses her on the forehead. Mr. Button soon called the police, ¨There's been an accident at the Burton's house, come quick.¨

The Burton house was soon silenced. There was not a peep that roamed the halls. Every room was now empty except for the Living room. The mom and dad were stabbed to death and every limb removed from their bodies. Lilly stabbed with a kitchen knife straight through her heart. As for Kat, when she was found, she had a bruised neck where the rope was. Bruises on her arms where her arms were tied back. Her eyes out of her face making it seem like the red cherry looking blood color was her eyes. The blood from her eye sockets ran down her body onto the tape which read, ¨Only for the eyes of Cherry.¨

Sitting in the armchair was Mr. Button waiting patiently for the police to show up.

A couple weeks later, Mr. Button was taken in for questioning.

¨Mr. James Button, can you tell us why you were at the murder scene.¨ said the Sheriff Lunar. ¨I was walking by and I heard screaming from inside the house and so I ran in. As I walked in, I had noticed the house was quiet.¨ Before Sheriff Lunar walked out of the room he replied to James´s statement, ¨Thank you. I will be back soon.¨

Before Sheriff Lunar returned Mr. Button had slipped something into his drink he had left on the table. When the sheriff had returned he took a sip of his drink, ¨Okay Mr. Button, you are-*cough-excuse me.¨ Sheriff Lunar was getting sweaty and he started to remove his tie and unbutton the top of his shirt.¨Sheriff, are you okay. Did someone put something in your drink.¨ Mr. Button said with a smirk.

The sheriff had got up from his chair and collapsed immediately. Mr. Button walked up and hovered over his body. Sheriff Lunar said,¨Why?¨ James couldn't help but laugh,¨Really? You are really going to ask me,´Why.´ Do you not remember? Mr. Cal Kurts took the love of my life. Juliet Starkson was the most beautiful person that I have ever met. I had told Cal about how I felt and he still asked her to senior prom. So, I went to the next person I trusted, you. You laughed at me and told me to grow up.¨ Sheriff's Lunar´s eyes filled with tears,¨This is all over Juliet? She was just a girl.¨ Mr. Button leaned over and whispered in his ear, ¨You´re just a person.¨ Mr. Button forced him to drink the rest of the soda and no more than a minute later, Mr. Button had murdered someone else.

Mr. James Button, a lonely young man wanting to get revenge on the people who took the love of his life away.

On the same day not only did the sun fall that day but so did Mr. Button. He went home and put a gun to his head and whispered, ¨I will be with you soon Juliet my love.¨ He cried and pulled the trigger.

As the sun peeked through, Kat woke up, the year was 2022.

¨Good morning, mom and dad made breakfast.¨ Lilly said with a pause and a peculiar expression appeared on her face. ¨You look like you've seen a ghost.¨ Kat looked up at Lilly, ¨I had the worst nightmare ever. ¨ Lilly smiled and said, ¨Well you can tell me all about it on the way to school.¨

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